‘The Americans’ Spoilers, Renewal News: What Can Fans Expect As Season 3 Wraps?

The Season 3 finale of The Americans airs Wednesday night on FX and fans can’t wait to see what goes down. Much of the season has been focused on Elizabeth and Philip’s daughter Paige learning about their work, and possibly beginning similar work herself. Now Elizabeth and Paige are heading to Russia and the trip could have dire consequences. What Americans spoilers are available for the April 22 finale? Will the show be back for Season 4?

As TV Guide notes, Wednesday’s episode will show Elizabeth and Paige heading to Russia. It seems that getting there won’t necessarily be their greatest challenge. Rather, getting into the country could be a challenge. The Americans spoilers indicate that the two will visit Elizabeth’s mother, but Paige’s attitude is still quite prevalent.

This episode is titled “March 8, 1983.” It is noted that this date happens to coincide with a key speech President Reagan made on the actual day. This is the speech where he used the phrase “evil empire” in reference to the Soviet Union. Viewers can surely expect to see that all tie together in this episode in some fashion.

While Elizabeth and Paige are traveling, Philip is keeping busy as well. As TVLine notes, he will tackle an emotional mission and end up finding comfort and perhaps support from a surprising source. Most would guess that this emotional mission is a reference to Martha. In addition, Stan is working on saving Nina, but things may not go according to his plan.

Of course, Martha’s fate has yet to be revealed. Considering all that transpired between Philip and Martha in the most recent episode, it seems safe to say that fans have plenty of reason to worry about her. Most seem to think it’s unlikely she’s going to survive the season, though there are a few theories floating around about what may come next for her.

The show’s Facebook page teases that everything will change with this episode. Philip is seen in the Americans spoiler preview, detailing that he’s just doing what he needs to get done and many suspect big things are ahead regarding Pastor Tim, as well. Does Paige come back from Russia? Who will survive and who will die as the family scrambles to grab hold of some control?

Most would imagine that the show will leave them hanging and wanting more, and luckily news is out that more is on the way. Not long ago, TVLine confirmed that FX has renewed The Americans for Season 4. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys will be back with new episodes of the critically-acclaimed series at some point in 2016.

There’s been a lot to take in lately on this show, with all of the complicated dynamics and relationships, and it’s all been building up to this Season 3 finale. Tune in to The Americans finale airing on FX on Wednesday, April 22, then stay tuned for spoilers as Season 4 comes together.

[Photo via Patrick Harbon/FX]