Gary Triano, Pamela Phillips: ‘Mansions And Murders’ Airs Arizona Car Bomb Murder Case Tonight On ID

The Gary Triano and Pamela Phillips murder case will air tonight on Investigation Discovery’s new show Mansions and Murders. Produced by Bray Entertainment, the true- crime docudrama will chronicle the case through interviews and reenactments of terrible crimes committed against and by rich and wealthy mansion dwellers. The season premiere episode entitled ‘Love To Bits And Pieces’ tells the tragic story of Gary Triano.

Triano’s case made nationwide news back in Tuczon, Arizona, in 1996 when he was killed in a car explosion at his country club. Witnesses say Gary Triano had just finished up a game of golf and was headed to a party before being killed after someone set a bomb in his vehicle. The case went cold for quite sometime, until his ex-wife socialite Pamela Triano and her ex lover, Ron, were arrested for the crime.

Viewers will hear how much in love Gary and Pamela were when they married in a beautiful ceremony in 1986. Gary Triano was living life to the fullest since his many business dealings afforded him a very comfortable mansion life, and his wife, Pamela Triano, aka Pamela Phillips, was a sultry blonde bombshell with a beautiful smile.

But life took a turn in the wrong direction after Gary Triano started losing money in some of his shady real estate deals. The one time successful bingo-casino owner lost his fortune and eventually had to file for bankruptcy. Then came the threats, according to Pamela Phillips, Gary started receiving threats from people connected to the Mexican cartel. Other disgruntled investors also started threatening to harm Gary Triano if he didn’t pay back the money he owed.

At the time of the explosion, Pamela had already whisked herself away to Aspen because she feared for her life. And no one was the wiser, until a stolen van with some incriminating information led police to a man named Ronald Young – the ex boyfriend of Pamela Phillips. Once police began investigating, Ron Young lead them directly to Pamela, whom they claim hired Ron to kill Gary Triano out of greed and hate. Police later learned that Pamela Phillips’ plot to get away with murder unraveled after she stopped making payments to Ron Young.

Still, the twists and turns in this case didn’t make it possible for law enforcement investigators to make an arrest until 2005. That’s when Ron Young was booked into the county jail and charged with the murder of Gary Triano. But by then, the beautiful Pamela Phillips had disappeared, until she was captured a year later. Today, Ron Young and Pamela Phillips are serving time in prison for the murder of Gary Triano.

Here is the tease, according to TV Tango.

“From butlers and bodyguards to chauffeurs and chefs, hired help for America’s wealthy get an exclusive look into the lives of the elite, gaining access to their homes, their families, and their darkest secrets. Each one-hour episode of MANSIONS AND MURDERS chronicles one story of how the hired help uncovered crimes of the rich and infamous.”

Tune in to this exciting episode tonight at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery (I.D.)