‘Prancing Elites’ Of Mobile’s TV Series To Debut Black, Gay Dancers On Oxygen Tonight

The Prancing Elites Project, a new, promising tv reality show, will premiere tonight on Oxygen. The Prancing Elites Project, which features the Prancing Elites of Mobile, “an all-male competitive dance team,” is produced by Crazy Legs Productions. The cast includes members of The Prancing Elites of Mobile: Adrian Clemons, Kareem Davis, Timothy Smith, Jerel Maddox, and Kentrell Collins, according to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Set in the Southern town of Mobile, Alabama, five gay best friends will make sure they earn their place in the dance world by twerking their way to the top of the competition. So what if they are all black and gay, they believe they are just as good as the all-girl groups, and they mean to show everyone they deserve to be “reck-a-nized.” The dance moves are all very intricate, complicated moves that only that talented and the fierce should attempt.

Viewers will get to see the Prancing Elites of Mobile shake their butts in dance competitions, parades, and football games in the Deep South. Viewers will also see heart wrenching scenes where the dancers are faced with rude comments and are often turned away from various events. In the first episode entitled”We Came To Dance,” the ‘Prancing Elites’ get a visit from Real Housewives of Atlanta diva Nene Leakes. Leakes will offer them encouragement to keep pressing forward and not to give up on their dreams.

Here’s a video tease:

The Prancing Elites of Mobile, who are already very well-known in the South, have garnered up a nice following and a lot of supporters who hope to see this project become a success. Here are some of their Facebook comments.

“Can’t wait 4 the show I’m excited 2 see yall work it
LUV IT!!! Saw a video posted a while back and they are FIERCE! YOU GET ONE LIFE…SO LIVE IT!
Yasssss so proud of you girls!!!!!!!!”

But just like any good thing, there is always a bit of controversy in the mix. Not everyone is excited about the idea for this new black and gay show. Some call the show “sinful” and “distasteful.” More than that, critics say the show does not “uplift” people, nor does it portray positive images of African Americans in the black community. And worse, they are afraid for their children to come across the show because it could inspire them to become gay.

That sentiment is nothing new. Many Americans feel the same way. But for many “Black Americans” specifically, the subject of being gay is equated to mean something evil, sinful and an “act against God.” There is a deep lack of acceptance and a prideful prejudice that many black church-going folk are simply not willing to let go when it comes to dealing with the subject of homosexuality.

In any case, this new show is sure to drum up some deep-rooted fears in those who are against it, but will surely entertain the masses who want to see and learn more about “this way” of life.

Now, don’t forget, The Prancing Elites want you to “STOP. EVERY. THING.” and watch them “slay” tonight at 10/9c on Oxygen! But before you do, check out some of their performances on YouTube.

In this first clip, you’ll hear first hand accounts of how this lifestyle has caused them to receive dirty looks and negative comments from many Alabamians. Sadly, one of the cast members’ own father put a gun to his head and threatened to kill him just for “being who he was.”

[Photo Credit: Facebook]