Police Vow To Seek Justice For Dog Thought To Be Dragged To Death Behind Owner’s Car

Tim Butters

A sickening photo of a dog alleged to have been dragged to its death has appeared on social media networks, appalling animal lovers everywhere.

The Mirror reports that that the photo, taken in Guyanas, western Ecuador, shows an Alsatian cross-breed dog tied to a car by its leg and being dragged along the tarmac road as its head and body hang limply and scrape across the surface.

Other drivers are reported to have been sickened at the sight of the poor dog tied to the car's spoiler and being dragged unceremoniously along the road at speeds of 40mph. Fortunately one sharp thinking motorist had the foresight to take a picture of the car and capture its registration plates.

It has not yet been established if the dog died before or after it was tied to the car in such a barbaric fashion. Either way, such an appalling lack of respect for an animal has earned the outrage of dog lovers everywhere.

Concerned that a person capable of such a callous and sadistic act would remain unpunished, and seeking justice for the dead dog, animal lovers alerted the police to the photo. which has been widely circulated on social media networks and contains part of the car's licence plate which reads ML 753.

Hopefully the licence will enable the authorities to trace the owner of the vehicle. Social media user Beatriz Alban spoke on behalf of many and made an impassioned plea for people to share the picture and bring the driver responsible to justice.

"Please, share. This wretch must pay for their evil deed, and the world should know all there is about who he is and what he does."
"Owner of this truck that dragged the dog must be caught and punished."

[Image via The Mirror.]