Phoenix Lights Remain A Mystery In Arizona [Video]

Earlier this week a large flash of light was caught on camera during a weather report by Phoenix’s Fox 10 reporter Andrea Robinson. The bright white explosion, dubbed the “Phoenix Lights,” has conspiracy theorists excited and experts confused.

The news team at Fox 10 originally thought that the Phoenix Lights could have been caused by a blown transformer, APS and Salt River Project, the local utilities provider, said that no transformers had been blown in the area.

Damon Gross, a spokesman for Arizona Public Service, said: “It’s a mystery to us as well. I can’t even offer a guess.”

Charlotte Dewey, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Phoenix, told the Huffington Post that there was no weather activity that could have caused the Phoenix lights.

So if it wasn’t a blown transformer, if it wasn’t the weather… what was the Phoenix light?

Well, the Sideshow reports that the strange burst of light occurred just before the 15th anniversary of one of the most famous UFO sightings. A set of glowing orbs formed a V in the sky above Phoenix in 1997. Phoenix is also the home of Travis Walton who claims that he was abducted in 1975.

Here’s the video of the Phoenix lights.

Here’s the video of the UFO sighting in 1997.

Do you think aliens are responsible for the strange sightings in Phoenix?