James Koryor: Arizona Man Left Two-Year-Old Son In Hot Car As He Got Drunk And Fell Asleep Inside His Home

A 41-year-old Arizona man was arrested Tuesday on manslaughter and child abuse charges after police accused him of leaving his two-year-old son inside a hot car while he got drunk and fell asleep inside his home. The man, identified as James Koryor, was supposed to take his two sons for a haircut on the day of the incident. Instead, he drove to a liquor store, got himself a bottle of gin and came back home to enjoy a drink, reports NY Daily News. Koryor was in such a hurry, he forgot to take his two children — which included his elder five-year-old son — out of the car as he rushed back home to drink.

According to police officials it is unclear if the five-year-old child got out of the car by himself or was taken inside the home by James Koryor himself. The younger two-year-old toddler, identified as Alpha Koryor, was however left in the backseat of the car in 90 degree temperature, ABC 15 reports.

According to detectives investigating the tragic case, they found signs that the toddler had struggled to get out of the car as the heat increased. The child eventually got exhausted and fell unconscious. The toddler was found in an unconscious state from inside the car by his mother a few hours later. He was rushed to a hospital — but by then, it was too late and doctors confirmed that the toddler had passed away.

According to Police spokesman Sgt. Trent Crump, the elder five-year-old son was later asked by family members where his brother was, and he said the child was asleep. Initially, family members assumed that the child had gone to take a nap without realizing that the child was trapped inside the hot car.

“I think the assumption on their part was that he was probably in the house and he had gone to take a nap,” Crump said.

Meanwhile, James Koryor made his initial court appearance on Tuesday and was seen sobbing after a judge set a $50,000 bond. The case was also assigned to the public defender’s office. Koryor also told the judge that he did not have the money to post the bond. Koryor remained inconsolable during the proceedings and was offered tissues by the judge on several occasions. According to prosecutors, they fear that Koryor could flee the country if a lower bail amount was set for him. James has relatives living in Africa and they feared that he could travel there to save himself from getting convicted in the U.S.

Another condition for granting the bond was that he would not be allowed to consume any form of liquor.

“That means you cannot have any alcohol inside any residence that you stay,” the judge said. “None. It has to be immediately removed. All of this is to ensure the safety of your family and of the community, and frankly I’d like to ensure that you are protected from yourself.”

This is not the first time that we have heard of careless parents leaving their children behind inside cars without realizing the grave danger they pose to kids.

[Image via Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]