Dad In Car Death Sexting: Dad Charged After Leaving Toddler In Hot Car Was Sexting ‘Multiple Women’

The Georgia dad charged in the hot car death of his toddler was sexting multiple women while he left his son in his car on a near 90-degree day according to Cobb County Police Department Detective Phil Stoddard. ABC News reports that Justin Ross Harris (pictured above) was using the messaging app Kik to sext women, including one 17-year-old girl, in the hours before his son died.

The prosecutor said that Harris wanted to live a “child free” life — so by leaving his baby in a boiling hot car for hours, it gave him that feeling, and now that the child is dead, his wish has come true. Essentially. The 33-year-old father claims that he “forgot” that his son, Cooper, was in the car and that the incident was really just an “accident.”

“Stoddard testified that before the boy died, Harris had visited the website Reddit to search for articles on life without children, and viewed videos on Reddit that showed people dying — by suicide or execution, in some cases. Harris had also twice viewed a video that shows the painful death of animals left in hot cars, and had searched for how to survive in prison, according to searches of his laptop.”

The dad charged in the car death case was sexting whilst married, which is also an interesting twist in this case. It is unclear what kind of relationship Justin has with his wife, Leanna, but it doesn’t seem normal. Leanna, seemed unphased when she was told that her son had died. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Leanna has also been accused of researching child deaths in hot cars. Naturally, given this information, it sounds like Justin and Leanna left their little boy in that car — in severe heat — on purpose.

According to Yahoo! News GMA, Harris and his wife had two insurance policies on their son, Connor. It certainly sounds like these parents planned out their sons tragic death, perhaps to earn some money — and get rid of the responsibility they gained when they became parents.

Friends of Justin Harris said that nothing seemed abnormal about Justin and his feelings for his son. James Alex Hall explained:

“He said he loved his son all the time. He said his son was very important to him.”

The sexting dad was the only one charged in the hot car death of Connor Harris. At this point, many believe that the child’s mother should also be charge, perhaps with neglect, child abuse, or maybe even murder if she and Justin actually planned to kill their son by leaving him in the sweltering car.

[Photo courtesy of ABC News]