WWE News: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Continues To Deny That He’s Having Issues With WWE

It seems like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s name never goes away in the WWE world, and the latest news surrounding the former WWE Champion is that WWE is trying to shut down the Steve Austin merchandise store on ProWrestlingTees.com. Before this issue was made public, there were rumors that WWE was unhappy with Austin because he didn’t attend WrestleMania 31, which Austin said wasn’t true. There were also rumors surrounding Austin turning down the hosting job for WWE Tough Enough, and that WWE was unhappy with the questions Austin was asking during his live podcast specials on the WWE Network. Austin also said that those rumors weren’t true.

On today’s Steve Austin Show, the “Texas Rattlesnake” continued to say that there weren’t any issues between himself and WWE, and that he understands where WWE is coming from in regards to them trying to shut down his merchandise store on ProWrestlingTees.com.

Another rumor surrounding Stone Cold and WWE is that WWE is telling John Cena to use the springboard Stunner to make Austin angry and bait him into a match with Cena at WrestleMania 32. Well, their plan has worked in one way, because Austin is annoyed that Cena is using a version of his finishing move, but, as of right now, Austin isn’t interested in a return to the ring.

It’s no secret that WWE wants Austin to return to the ring at next year’s WrestleMania, so the behind-the-scenes issues with Austin may not help them lure Austin out of retirement. John Cena has also said in the past that he would love to get in the ring with Austin, and if Austin does come out of retirement, now that CM Punk is gone, Cena would likely be the man to face him.

It doesn’t look like the Stone Cold Podcast will be returning to the WWE Network any time soon, as Chris Jericho is set to do another live podcast on the WWE Network, this time with Stephanie McMahon immediately following the April 30 SmackDown.

No matter what Austin says, the majority of WWE fans are going to believe that there are issues between Austin and WWE. But, Austin suggests that there are not, and he’s promising that his merchandise will be returning to Pro Wrestling Tees at some point in the very near future.

[Image via Ethan Miller / Getty Images]