Selena Gomez And Zedd Split — Was It A PR Relationship?

Selena Gomez and Zedd have reportedly split. The couple has been rumored to been broken up for some time now. Selena Gomez and Zedd fans have been wondering if the couple were ever really a couple or if their relationship was just for show.


— stevetony nova (@portgostony) April 21, 2015

Zeddlena my ship is not sailing anymore.

— S T Y L E S (@Sopphiaaaaa1D) April 21, 2015

It’s officially confirmed zeddlena never existed Hollywoodlife covered it up with a ‘break up ‘ story but lmao bye bye

— 30 days/True colors (@zeddsdawgs) April 21, 2015

Zedd and Selena were never dating in first place it was all PR for I Want You To Know y’all dumb

— bellatrix lestrange (@jbschuckle) April 18, 2015

Still sad how zeddlena was pr

— #prayformamaswift (@seIenasmiracle) April 21, 2015

Gomez, 22, and Zedd, 25, were given the couple name “Zeddlena” or “Zelena” by fans. The two were rumored to have been dating around the time their collaborative single “I Want You To Know” was released, according to MTV News. Now it looks like Gomez and Zedd’s relationship has taken its course.

An alleged source told Hollywood Life the reason for the Selena and Zedd split. It sounds like the two live different lives, as Zedd would rather focus on the music rather than spend his time in the spotlight. He didn’t like being in a high-profile relationship with Selena, as her fans would watch their every move on social media.

“Zedd is all about getting his album ready and being out of the magazines and Selena is all about her movies, Mexico and music. They have just drifted apart romantically but have remained really good friends.

When they were working on promotion for their song everything seemed to be going great but then they went back to their normal lives and figured that they weren’t missing each other.”

There is one report that’s saying the musical couple is still together. Fashion & Style Magazine says that they’re trying hard to make their long-distance relationship work with romantic gifts and special gestures. The former Disney star has been filming In Dubious Battle in Atlanta, while the DJ is currently performing in Vegas. He also wants his rumored girlfriend by his side. The couple also wants to rekindle their romance with a tropical island getaway to Costa Rica.

“She’s hoping to go to a couple of his weekend shows in Vegas to support him. Plus they’ll be together, which is what she wants most.”

Gomez and Zedd would have to remain good friends since they’re still working on her upcoming album. Now that she’s broken up from the DJ, her friends are worried that she’ll want to go back to ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. The Hollywood Life reported that Gomez noticed Bieber’s flirtatious message to Ashley Moore, 21, and responded by liking Romeo Miller’s photo on Instagram.

“Selena’s friends still wonder why she’s so caught up in what Justin is doing. They worry that she’s falling back into her old bad habit of obsessing over what Justin is doing and saying. It’s like she’s still invested in the relationship even though it ended months ago.”

Gomez, like Kylie Jennner, even stalks her ex on social media. She’s constantly on Instagram, scoping out Bieber’s hookups and rumored girlfriends.

“Selena checks out everything about the girls Justin’s been with. She’s like a detective. She tries not to look, but she just can’t help herself. It’s not healthy and she knows that, but it’s something she still does.”

Meanwhile, other reports are saying that Gomez is enjoying the single life and living it up instead worrying about Bieber. She’s been sharing sexy bikini photos of herself on Instagram. Gomez even went to Mexico with her girl friends for a relaxing vacation after working hard in the recording studio, according to Ear Sucker.

Selena Gomez and Zedd’s relationship status is really confusing! What do you make of the couple? Do you think their relationship was just PR for their music collaboration?

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