Max Maisel Found Dead, Cause Of Death Unclear

Authorities have confirmed Max Maisel was found dead on Friday evening. The 21-year-old son of ESPN writer Ivan Maisel had been missing for nearly two months. Although the official cause of death is unknown, authorities believe the young man committed suicide.

On February 22, Max left his Rochester Institute of Technology apartment and drove to his family’s Lake Ontario vacation home. Witnesses report the young man was last seen standing on the shore near Charlotte Pier.

As reported by Sporting News, authorities suspended their search after three weeks. On March 27, the young man’s friends and family gathered for a “memorial service and celebration of Max’s life.”

On May 30, Ivan Maisel honored his son’s memory with a eulogy, which was published at Medium. In the eulogy, Ivan revealed that “there is circumstantial evidence to indicate that Max decided to take his own life.” However, the grieving father also pointed to evidence that suggests otherwise.

“Three days before he disappeared, he paid for a year-long membership to OK Cupid, the dating service. On the day he disappeared, he spent the afternoon doing photographic work, which we think was for a class. Police found no note in his car or on his computer. None of this, they tell us, is consistent with the behavior of someone intent upon hurting himself.”

Nearly two months after he vanished, Max Maisel’s body was found in Lake Ontario near Irondequoit, New York. A representative with the Rochester Police Department confirmed the young man’s body was discovered by a fisherman at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Ivan and his wife, Meg, suffered a devastating loss. However, as reported by USA Today, they said they “are relieved” to finally have closure. In an official statement, the Maisels explained that the discovery of their son’s body is “merely the postscript to [their] sad story.”

Max is remembered as a sensitive and caring man, who was a talented photographer. As a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, also had a passion for technology and online gaming.

Authorities have confirmed Max Maisel was found dead. However, they have not determined his official cause of death.

[Image via People/Rochester Police Department]