When No One RSVP'd For Mackenzie Moretter's Birthday Party, Her Mom Did Something Extraordinary

Mackenzie Moretter's birthday party turned out to be everything she had hoped for -- thanks to her mother.

Mackenzie, a 10-year-old girl from Shakopee, Minnesota, was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome, a genetic condition causing physical overgrowth during the first years of life, at birth which left her with brain damage.

According to SotosSyndrome.org, "children with Sotos syndrome are often taller, heavier, and have larger heads than their peers. Because of the distinctive head shape and size, Sotos syndrome is sometimes called cerebral gigantism. Ironically, this rapid physical development is often accompanied by delayed motor, cognitive, and social development. Muscle tone is low, and speech is markedly impaired."

Mackenzie's parents Jenny and Matthew explained that she had asked for a big girl party where she could have friends come over. So, that is exactly what they planned. However, on the day before the party, no one had RSVP'd.

"I originally invited 10 girls three weeks prior, but we got two cancellations and the other girls' moms didn't RSVP at all," Jenny told ABC News. "It's happened to her on previous birthdays where she would end up sitting alone with family. I didn't want it to happen to my daughter again this year."

In a desperate attempt to not let her daughter have her feelings crushed, Jenny took to Facebook to try and pull at the heartstrings of other mothers.

"Hello moms. I'm writing because I have a beautiful daughter named Mackenzie who is turning 10. I recently invited several girls to her birthday party this Saturday. I got cancellations or no calls at all saying whether they're coming or not. My daughter has Sotos Syndrome which means she has development delays such as speech and learning. At school she struggles and is often alone on the playground. As a mother, it is heartbreaking being you want your children to be happy. I'm reaching out to moms who have daughters between the age of 9-11 that would love to come to a birthday party tomorrow from 11-1:30. You don't have to bring gifts or stay long, just stop by and wish her a happy birthday. As of now, I have two girls coming which is family. She would be so surprised to have other girls just show up. If you are interested please send me a pm and I'll give you my address. Thank you all for reading a mother's wish!"
Jenny hoped that a few girls would show up. However, she never expected what would happen next. More than 300 people called Jenny to let her know that they would be attending Mackenzie's party. Among those who came to support Mackenzie were Minnesota Vikings player Charles Johnson and his family, "Elsa" and "Snoopy," from a local amusement park, local fireman, and the mayor, who dubbed the day "Mackenzie Moretter Day."

Jenny said she is overwhelmed with the outpouring of support she has received from people all over the world. She took to Facebook once again to express her thanks and give a message to parents and teachers.

"I urge you to educate your children and students that ALL children are special and need a friend regardless of what race, color, religion, and clothes they wear or what special needs they may have. As adults, we also must practice what we preach. Have "OPEN MIND and OPEN HEARTS" for everyone. I'm so incredibly grateful that Mackenzie has touched so many hearts across the world. She has a new voice and a new found confidence that I myself thought I would never see. Thank you all for your generosity. Love to all of you across the world. ** Love, Mackenzie's mom"
[Image via Facebook/Jenny Moretter]