Whitney Bischoff Is A Part Of Chris Soules’ Family: No Wedding Needed?

Bachelor star Whitney Bischoff has been a big support for Chris Soules, who has been competing on Dancing with the Stars. Soules, who struggled a bit with his dancing, had a big comeback on the show last night and everyone was impressed with his improvements. And while there have been plenty of stories about Chris and his dance partner, Witney Carson, it sounds like Whitney isn’t too concerned.

This week, Chris shared a picture of himself and his family, thanking them all for their support. And right there in the middle was Whitney Bischoff. It sounds like he fully considers Bischoff a part of his family, even though there have been rumors that Soules and Bischoff are struggling to make the romance work during his stint on Dancing with the Stars.

According to a new Instagram post, Bachelor star Whitney Bischoff is now a part of the family. Maybe Chris doesn’t need a wedding to make her a part of the family.

“Squeezing the whole fam in frame for what would turn out to be a truly amazing night! Can’t thank all of you enough for your support, wouldn’t have made it this far without you! #DWTS #Souleshakers,” Soules revealed when sharing the picture of his entire family, including Whitney Bischoff.

There have been many discussions about Whitney planning her wedding to Soules, but she hasn’t actually revealed what she is doing yet. Right now, it appears that Bischoff is simply supporting her future husband in his dancing ventures. Many have felt that he should have been sent home already, but he is proving that he can improve with time. This week, he impressed the judges after really studying music, beats and musical counts.

As for Whitney Bischoff, it appears that she is flying all around the country while he is practicing his dancing moves. Bischoff has shared pictures from a plane, hinting that she may be flying back home for work. In addition, Whitney recently went back to the wedding spot, where she and Soules crashed a wedding during the third episode of The Bachelor. According to the Inquisitr, Whitney claimed that her heart was full of love.

And now that Bischoff is already a part of the Soules family, it makes sense that they are talking about children. Whitney has expressed a big desire to start a family, and children is definitely a big part of their future.

What do you think about Chris Soules including Whitney Bischoff in his family?

[Image via Instagram]