Whitney Bischoff Goes Back To ‘Wedding Crashing’ Spot: Chris Soules Missing?

Bachelor star Whitney Bischoff probably doesn’t want to sit and wait for Chris Soules to wrap up his dancing sessions with Witney Carson. This weekend, Whitney was out and about with some friends, and she decided that it would be fun to go back to the spot where she and Chris had a date while filming The Bachelor.

Even though Whitney Bischoff may be ignoring all of the rumors about the couple, she clearly wants people to know that she is still very much in love with Soules and can’t wait to start her life with him once he is done on Dancing With The Stars. Now, Bischoff is showing how she is keeping the romance alive.

According to a new Instagram post, Bachelor star Whitney Bischoff is now revealing that she went back to the spot where she and Chris crashed a wedding on the third episode of The Bachelor over the Easter weekend. Even though Soules and Whitney didn’t know each other well at the time, they were clearly both comfortable with one another at the wedding.

“Right here. Right now. The actual spot. I found it and my heart could explode!!!!” Whitney Bischoff revealed yesterday as she shared a picture from the spot where she and Chris Soules crashed a wedding while filming The Bachelor.

Even though it was a super romantic gesture for Whitney Bischoff to return to that exact spot, many fans were left wondering where Chris was. Throughout the day, Bischoff posted pictures of herself with her family and friends, but Soules was noticeably missing from the entire trip.

“Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all were able to spend the day with the ones you love!” Soules simply tweeted yesterday, not mentioning Whitney Bischoff at all.

One can imagine that Chris is super busy in the dance studio. He recently revealed that he will be dedicating Monday night’s dance to Bischoff, so he probably wants to nail this one. Whitney Bischoff’s post proves that all is well in Bachelor world, even though Chris isn’t turning on the charm on social media.

In fact, it sounds like Soules and Bischoff try to spend as much time together as possible when he isn’t practicing with Carson. According to the Inquisitr, it appears that these two are doing quite well with the limited time together. Love and support may be the key to getting through a Bachelor show with a follow-up on Dancing with the Stars.

What do you think about Whitney Bischoff’s cute post?

[Image via Instagram]