‘The Voice’ Season 8 Top 10: Will There Be Another Shocking Elimination Tonight?

Two people are leaving The Voice, but figuring out who may be tricky.

That’s because this week, up to one-half of The Voice‘s Top 10 are in danger. Directly to blame for the shake-up is Koryn Hawthorne. At one time considered Bottom 3 fodder, something within this Voice contestant snapped.

On the back of a brilliant performance of “Make It Rain,” the Voice singer now finds herself a front-runner. Her cover is currently No. 3 on iTunes. Well, for every action there’s an equal or opposite reaction. Someone has to take her place in the danger zone.

So, which contestants on The Voice are in danger?

The contestant inarguably in the most danger of being sent home tonight is Georgia native Deanna Johnson. Although Adam Levine put together a heart string-jerking plea last week, unless the magic is still there…Deanna is leaving The Voice this evening. There is a STRONG possibility that she will share the bottom three with either a popular singer, more talented singer or a combination of the two.

I don’t think lightning will strike twice for Johnson. Right now, this Voice hopeful is ranked dead last on iTunes out of this week’s Top 10, sitting at No. 91.

I’m surprised to say this, but also in danger is Rob Taylor. I initially predicted that he’d go home last week due to a lack of popularity, but at the time, he had a greater share of votes than the less popular and weaker Voice contestants in the Top 12. From the Top 10 onward, the stronger, more popular singers emerge.

I think what hurt Rob was a combination of poor song choice and badly placed falsettos. Although he may be destined for the bottom, there’s a chance his final song could convince enough people to save him.

I am not surprised to see Joshua Davis in danger of going home. He’s just a few spaces above Deanna Johnson on the iTunes charts and given her likely fate, that’s not a good place to be. He is one of my favorite Voice singers this season, but perhaps he picked the WORST possible time to “try something new.”

His performance of “Hold Back The River” was lively, but lackluster. Remember when I said Koryn’s rousing performance was going to bump a front-runner? You’re looking at him.

Corey Kent White is where I’m stumped. All signs point to his position in the Bottom 3, including his current iTunes rank. However, this is where the country music/fangirl vote may throw things off. He may have done just enough to just barely escape the Bottom 3. If so, I look for his departure from the Top 8 next week.

All things considered, these are the artists most likely to end up in the Bottom 3: Deanna Johnson, Rob Taylor, Corey Kent White, and Joshua Davis. The two most likely leaving The Voice? Deanna Johnson and Rob Taylor.

Do these predictions seem close to what you feel to be true? Who do you think is leaving NBC’s The Voice tonight?

[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube]