Lost Colorado Toddler Returned To Parents ‘Thanks To Facebook’

On Sunday, Apr. 19, a two-year-old girl had been found wandering alone at the Los Toritos Restaurant 2 in Aurora, CO. According to the police report, the child had no shoes or socks and only spoke Spanish. No missing persons report was filed, so finding the child’s parents initially seemed like a potentially difficult feat – until the Aurora Police Department posted a notice about the child on Facebook.

According to ABC News, the department shared the little girl’s photo along with a brief description of her whereabouts. Police officials also assured that the child was safe and in the custody of Child Protective Services until the parents came forward. The announcement was shared via Twitter and Facebook.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take as long as you’d think to find the child’s parents. As a matter of fact, it only took a couple hours. The parents, themselves, actually saw the Facebook post and quickly came forward to reclaim their child. Police officials stated that the little girl’s parents had been found before the night was over. Of course, many citizens have wondered how the child was lost and no one noticed. Diana Cooley of the Aurora Police Department released a statement in reference to the disheartening ordeal stating that the child was lost due to a “miscommunication between adults.”

“It was a miscommunication between the adults that the [child] was left behind,” Cooley told ABC News today via email on Monday, Apr, 20. “They realized through the sharing of the Facebook post that she was not [with] who she was supposed to be with. They contacted PD after they saw post. No charges. We are not releasing the identity of the individuals.”

The quick turnaround prompted the department to thank Facebook for making their search for the parents much easier. “Thanks to Facebook the parents of the little girl who was left at the Los Toritos Restaurant have been located and are being interviewed by investigators. Thanks for all of the shares and tips.”

[Image via Twitter]