Selena Gomez Still ‘Obsessed’ With Justin Bieber

Does Selena Gomez still have Justin Bieber fever? Is the newly-curvaceous actress-singer obsessing over her former beau and longing to reunite with her first love?

According to Hollywood Life — home of reliable, not-at-all fake source-driven journalism — it’s only a matter of time before Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunite.

The gossip website alleges Selena and her rumored boyfriend, producer-DJ Zedd, are no longer together because, “Zedd just felt like he would always be number two in Selena’s life. He felt like he never really had her heart 100 percent.”

The site’s source continued, “She would never admit that she’s still in love with Justin, but that’s how Zedd feels.”

We’re told The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber changed things. Apparently, SelGo “would not stop talking about Justin after the show,” and this prompted Zedd to realize “he would always play second fiddle to” the Biebs.

Now, Selena’s pals are apparently terrified that the pop princess’ ongoing stalking tracking of Justin online is a clear sign that she hasn’t moved on.

On Sunday, after Justin posted a flirty Instagram message about the model Ashley Moore, 21, Selena “Liked” Romeo Miller’s Instagram reply to the Canadian, which Miller sent as a diss to the Biebs.

Selena’s friends still wonder why she’s so caught up in what Justin is doing,” one source allegedly told Hollywood Life.

“They worry that she’s falling back into her old bad habit of obsessing over what Justin is doing and saying. It’s like she’s still invested in the relationship even though it ended months ago.”

“Selena checks out everything about the girls Justin’s been with,” another “insider” told the outlet. “She’s like a detective. She tries not to look, but she just can’t help herself.”

“It’s not healthy and she knows that, but it’s something she still does,” added the purported source.

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It’s all very odd. Since December, the blog has been reporting that Selena and Zedd are in love and even thinking about moving in together. Previously, Gomez posted cute videos of herself trying to say Zedd’s last name, told an interviewer he had “beautiful eyes” and said the producer was “marriage material.”

The pair posted tons of social media while they were promoting their single “I Want You To Know.” More recently, Zedd gushed that Selena was “incredible” to work with. Now, all of a sudden it’s all over and Selena is allegedly still moping over Justin.

Recent pics of the healthy-looking starlet strutting her stuff on the beach in Mexico suggest otherwise. But it also cannot be denied that Selena is watching Justin’s online activity. Like a hawk.

Earlier this month, the Rudderless actress “Liked” a video that Justin posted of him hula-hooping with model pal Hailey Baldwin in a Target store.

While Justin appears to have moved on from their on-off relationship, Selena seems to be obsessed with either scoring points or knowing her ex’s business. Never has “Keep an eye out for Selenuurr” seemed so apt.

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