Horror In The Skies: Maryland Family Sat Through Vomit Stench During Two-Hour United Airlines Flight

United Airlines doesn’t seem to be having a particularly great time these days — just like their customers. Just a day after the Inquisitr reported about the harrowing time several passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 4934 had after they were made to sit on the tarmac for over six hours, here is another story. Only this time, it is far grosser than you you could possibly imagine.

According to USA Today, a Maryland family has complained after they were reportedly forced to sit on a seat with nauseating smell of vomit during a two-hour United Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida, to Rockville, Maryland. The complainant, Scott Shirley, alleges that his wife and kids were made to sit on seats that had signs of fresh vomit splattered underneath them. According to WUSA9, the Shirleys first noticed something was really wrong after they realised that their bags had become wet when placed underneath the seat. Upon further investigation by Shirley’s wife, it became evident that the “wetness” came from human vomit. One thing was clear: United Airlines had either not cleaned the plane following its arrival or someone from the airline had done an extremely shoddy attempt at cleaning the plane.

Following the discovery of the not-too-pleasant remnants of human vomit underneath the seats, the Shirleys did what any other family in a similar predicament would do: ask for alternate seats. However, they were told no other seats on the flight were available. They were given an option by United to deboard the flight and be booked for another flight — the next day. This was not an option for Mrs. Shirley because she had to be at work the next day.

In the end, the Shirley’s chose to remain seated on the same seats. The United Airlines crew were helpful enough to lend the family a bunch of thin airline blankets to cover the mess or at least lessen the stench emanating from underneath their seats.

Following the complaint, United Airlines has issued a statement apologizing to the Shirleys. It reads as follows.

“The situation Mr. Shirley described is certainly one that we wish no customer experiences, as our cleaners did not fully clean the seat area prior to departure. We offered them an alternate flight, but they decided to remain onboard. Our agents did the best they could in the short time they had to accommodate Mr. Shirley and keep the flight on time. We’re reaching out to apologize for his experience.”

Would you be flying United Airlines after reading this?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]