WWE News: Randy Orton Reportedly Involved In A Fan Incident Last Night?

Last year in August, Randy Orton got in trouble by using his social media to call out a fan. He then called her, “Ms. Piggy,” after she kept following him around at the gym. The actual quote was, “Look @kimklro I met the Latino Ms. Piggy today at the gym. I wish you were there to have a good laugh with me! #MsPig.” Needless to say, nobody was happy with Orton inside the WWE. It also wasn’t the first time Orton got reprimanded by the WWE.

Now, there is a report floating around that is talking about Orton getting involved with WWE fans once again. According to Daily Wrestling News, Orton reportedly “berated” fans at the airport in New York last night.

“When the crew arrived at the airport for RAW, a large group of fans was reportedly waiting to get photos and autographs. Randy Orton apparently “berated” the fans for bothering the talents after a long flight and long European tour.”

It’s very possible that the report is exaggerated. On numerous occasions, the Viper treated the WWE fans very well and is very friendly to those that want autographs or pictures. To be fair, the WWE just did get back from a very-long European tour. The flight from overseas is time-consuming and it’s no rare occurrence for consumers to be “cranky” once the travel is over.

Going back to Orton’s time in the WWE, he’s been suspended by the WWE previously. Back in 2012, Randy Orton was suspended by the WWE for violating the wellness policy for the second time. The time he was gone was 60 days, as Orton violated the company’s “Talent Wellness Program.” Since then, Orton’s good behavior vacated the violations.

For this incident, Orton will not get in trouble for his actions. It’s not like he hit a fan or was yelling obscenities in their faces, he was simply frustrated after a long flight and didn’t want to get bombarded by WWE fans at the airport. The former-WWE champion is getting ready for a big match with Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Bleacher Report doesn’t believe Randy Orton will be victorious due to the fact that his RKO maneuver is banned from the match. At the same time, J&J Security is banned from interfering inside the steel cage. Most-likely, WWE will find a way to have Rollins win and Orton use the RKO. J&J Security will certainly invade the matchup. Either way, Rollins will likely retain his WWE championship.

[Image via idesigntimes.com]