Winchester SXP Shotguns Recalled – Viral Video Proves These Firearms May Fire Unintentionally

Winchester Repeating Arms, the company that has traditionally made powerful shotguns and other firearms, has issued a recall on "some" of its SXP-model 12-gauge shotguns. The company has categorically admitted that these shotguns may fire unintentionally.

The video uploaded by Stephen Floyd has gone viral and shows just how flawed the new shotgun is. Despite the gun's safety being in the ON position, Floyd was able to get the weapon to fire. Interestingly, though Winchester hasn't officially corroborated or confirmed that the video proves the fatal flaw, it issued the following statement, while ordering the recall,

"Winchester Repeating Arms has discovered that a limited number of SXP (3½-inch chamber) shotguns (also called the Super X Pump) may, under certain circumstances, unintentionally discharge while closing the action. Failure to return any affected shotguns for inspection and/or repair may create a risk of harm, including serious personal injury or death."

"If you own one of the following firearms, please immediately contact our Winchester Consumer Administrative Center to find out if your firearm is affected and should be returned. Please be prepared to provide the serial number of your firearm."

Which guns are being recalled? Winchester SXP shotguns listed under the recall include are the Waterfowl Hunter (26- or 28-inch barrel), Black Shadow (26- or 28-inch barrel), Turkey Hunter (24-inch barrel), and Long Beard (24-inch barrel).

The company hasn't officially confirmed how many guns were manufactured that may have the flaw. Fortunately, there has been no accidental discharge or any personal injury due to the same. However, the video explains how easy it is replicate the unintentional discharge. As per Stephen, there might be an alignment issue with the firing pin that causes the accidental firing of the weapon.

Apparently, this isn't the first gun that fires unintentionally. Uploaded last year, a similar video shows how a gun might go off even when shaken.

Despite the recall, hunters have depended on the Winchester SXP shotguns, which the company claims is the world's fastest pump-action shotgun, for years. Owing to the design of the shotguns, hunters agree that the guns made by Winchester perform flawlessly in the wild. Though these guns may offer industry-leading scopes, Winchester shotguns sport rather unnecessarily slick stocks. However, the price more than makes-up for the minor caveats.

Winchester has cautioned buyers not to load or fire any of the weapons and either call 1-800-945-5372 or email to seek clarification.

[Image Credit | The Truth About Guns]