South African Axe Murders Girl Suffering From Retrograde Amnesia, Can’t Remember Horrific Incident

The 16-year-old surviving daughter of the van Breda family, who were brutally hacked to death in a series of horrific axe murders three months ago, has left rehabilitation but has no memory of the incident.

As reported on the Inquisitr, her parents Martin and Teresa van Breda were killed along with her 22-year-old brother Rudi, and the only other family member who survived the axe murders was 20-year-old Henri, who suffered superficial injuries.

It was later confirmed by doctors that Henri’s injuries were self-inflicted and that it took him four hours before he phoned emergency services to report the incident. Also a cell phone belonging to a member of the family reportedly had research into axe murders, possibly implying premeditation.

All this time police have been waiting to interview Marli about the incident, as she was possibly the only witness to what transpired on that fateful day in the secure De Zalze Golf Estate outside Stellenbosch, South Africa. During the attack Marli suffered a fractured skull, extensive brain trauma and a severed jugular.

Marli was in hospital for some time, isolated with only police and medical staff allowed near her. She was then released from hospital and sent to a rehabilitation center for treatment. Having now been released from the rehabilitation center, Marli is now living with close relatives.

According to IOL, three months after the attack the family’s lawyer, Debbie Wybrow, has advised that Marli is suffering from retrograde amnesia and cannot remember what transpired at the family home. Apparently doctors are not sure how long the amnesia will last.

“While she is reacting favorably to all the treatment she is receiving, she has retrograde amnesia. She cannot recall anything at all about the attack.”

“According to her medical team, this is not strange and commonly occurs with patients who have suffered such traumatic experiences. In some cases the situation remains for life. A long road of rehabilitation lies ahead.”

Wybrow said that Marli is still receiving therapy in the form of physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy along with psychological counseling. As part of her recovery and to help her re-enter society, Marli is enjoying visits with close school friends.

However the lawyer did say that her brother, Henri, the other surviving family member has not seen Marli yet. The 20-year-old is living with relatives in the area.

Wybrow said that a curator has been appointed to safeguard the teenager’s interests and this curator will report direct to the high court on the best way for her to move forward.

“The people in her life are working together to ensure that Marli is being nurtured, with input from legal and medical teams.”

“She has been fortunate to receive expert treatment from an outstanding medical and nursing team, and continues to benefit from the support of family, friends, her community and many people across the world.”

According to News24, Marli returned to the family home over the weekend for the first time since the axe murders occurred. The 16-year-old was accompanied by police officers as well as her lawyer as she went to the home to collect some personal belongings. According to a police source there was no one else in the home at the time of Marli’s visit.

When asked about the ongoing investigation, police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk advised they were not yet able to comment on the investigation. He said that although significant progress is being made, this progress cannot yet be shared with the media.

“Once we are in the position to disclose the finer aspects of the case, we will make an official announcement.”

As these investigations continue, no arrests have been made in connection with the brutal axe murders.

[Image: Van Breda family in happier times – Facebook]