Premeditation? Research Into Axe Murder Found On Cellphone Linked To South African Axe Murder Family

In ongoing investigations into the brutal Van Breda family axe murder in Stellenbosch, South Africa, striking evidence has been found on a cellphone connected to the family. According to the police, the cellphone was used to research information about an axe murder which happened in the U.S.A. back in November 2004.

That axe murder related to Peter and Joan Porco, who were attacked by their son, Christopher Porco in Bethlehem, New York. The case bears a striking resemblance to that of the more recent Van Breda family axe attack.

In the Porco case, the father was killed but the mother survived with her face permanently disfigured. Christopher Porco (born July 9, 1983) was tried and convicted on charges of second-degree murder for the killing of his father and second-degree attempted murder for attempting to kill his mother. Reportedly, despite evidence to the contrary, Joan Porco maintained her son’s innocence throughout the trial.

As reported on the Inquisitr, in the Van Breda axe attack, both the father, Martin Van Breda, 55, and mother Teresa, 54, along with eldest son Rudi, 22, were killed in the attack. Sixteen-year-old Marli Van Breda suffered serious head and jugular injuries but has since been released from the hospital and moved to a rehabilitation center.

Besides Marli, the only other surviving family member in the attack was Henri Van Breda, 20, who suffered minor injuries, which were later thought to be self-inflicted.

According to Afrikaans news service Netwerk24, two sources in the South African police have confirmed that after inspecting the cellphones and computers belonging to the family, one of the phones contained evidence of a search relating to the Porco axe attack.

Neither the police nor the family’s spokesman, Ben Rootman, were prepared to comment as the investigation is still ongoing.

As investigations continue, Marli’s statement could potentially solve the case. However, according to Eye Witness News, Marli is continuing the second phase of her treatment in a rehabilitation center and according to the family attorney, is not yet able to give a statement.

“Her condition is not of such a nature that she at this stage can give a comprehensive police statement.”

At this stage, her treatment involves both physiotherapy and speech therapy. To protect the family, the location of the rehabilitation center is a secret. Reportedly, so far Marli has made no attempt to contact her brother and the clinic advised that there should be no contact between the two siblings.

According to SA Promo Magazine, Henri and Marli are set to inherit around R200 million (around $17 million) as representatives wrap up the estate of Martin and Teresa Van Breda. Martin Van Breda ran successful property businesses in both South Africa and Australia.

In the meantime, police investigations continue as officials await the opportunity to take a statement from Marli Van Breda as to what she experienced and remembers of the tragic and brutal axe murder of her family.

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