Hilarious Video Shows You What Email Would Be Like In Real-Life [Video]

What would it be like if everyone talked the way they did in email in real-life? The YouTube duo Tripp and Tyler made a hilarious sequel to their hit “Conference Call” video.

In the video, we see some of the common “problems” associated with using email as your main form of communication. From lengthy confidentiality notices to forgotten attachments, the video shows us what those issues would look like in real-life.

The video begins with the dreaded auto-responder. Have you ever used the auto-responder feature to inform clients that you would be out of town? However, upon return, you forget to turn it off? Therefore, your colleagues and clients are continually flooded with auto-responders letting them know you will be out of the office until yesterday.

Don’t you hate when you are CCed on a group email and everyone hits “reply to all?” You can immediately be bombarded with responses to questions you have no desire to know the answer to, leaving you shaking your head wondering, “why me?”

The highlight of the video for me was when the “Nigerian Prince” arrives in the office to represent the dreaded “please wire me money” email scam. Another relatable moment in the video was when the mother pops out of nowhere to send a “cute” video she has found. From emails with kittens, puppies or other “cute” videos to watch or pass along to the annoying “attachment too large” warning, email problems are plentiful despite our advances in technology.

What issue was most relatable for you in the video? Were their any common email problems that were left out? What is your number one complaint with email communications at work?