Pure Digital Technologies Being Bought By Cisco

Pure Digital Technologies, a startup focused on building tiny “Flip Video” cameras, is being bought by Cisco Systems. Cisco is paying $590 million in stock for the acquisition, according to published reports, along with $15 million in incentives to keep Pure Digital employees on-staff.

Pure Digital Technologies: The Flip Video Camera

Pure Digital Technologies has made a name for itself with its Flip Video flip-open camcorder, known for its small size and easy transfer procedure. The camera, which retails for $150 to $230, was called “one of the most significant electronic products of the year” by The New York Times.

The device records up to an hour of video, then plugs into a USB drive where you can directly upload images or video to online sharing sites. More than 2 million of the Pure Digital Technologies Flip Video cameras have been sold since their debut in 2007.

Pure Digital Technologies, based in San Francisco, has 102 employees on its staff.

Pure Digital Technologies

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