Hillary Clinton: College Students Asked Why They Would Vote For Democratic Presidential Hopeful, They Give Same Exact Response [Video]

Ever since Hillary Clinton made her intent to run for the Democratic bid for the 2016 Presidency, people have expressed their opinions on how she would be if she were to become such. Apparently, Clinton is one of the most polarizing individuals to run for both Liberals and Conservatives. The Inquisitr reported on such polarizing attitudes, in which those who are anti-Hillary point out her support for Monsanto and genetically modified foods (GMOs). Some have even gone as far as post up horrendous anti-Hillary posters all around Las Vegas and New York City.

Unfortunately for Liberals, they seem to not have as much firepower in support of Hillary Clinton exampled by the fact Democratic National Committee members and the State Department spokeswoman cannot name one of her accomplishments prior to her run for the 2016 Presidency. Though political figures can’t provide an example of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments, maybe college students supporting her can provide insight on why they are voting for her. They all give the same exact response and it technically has no bearing on how she would run the country.

In one of their latest videos, Campus Reform sent out their Editor-In-Chief, Caleb Bonham, to the University of Washington to ask their students if they are “ready for Hillary.” For those who said they were ready, Bonham followed-up by asking them why they support Clinton for the 2016 Presidency. All of them literally gave varying ranges of the same answer, but they all are voting for her simply because she is a woman.

Caleb Bonham would follow-up with a counter-argument that supporting Hillary Clinton for her gender as sexism. Bonham enforced such by using himself as an example, saying he supports Scott Walker for president just because he is a man. Though most agreed his example was sexist, one woman actually said a man supporting a president just because he is a man might not possibly be sexist. Her reason is because the United States already had male presidents.

Needless to say, there are women who are expected to run for president in 2016 whom have accomplishment more than Hillary Clinton. IJReview provided one such hopeful, Carly Fiorina, who was the CEO of Hewitt-Packard from 1999 to 2005.

Either Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, it is hoped the people will vote for those for what they’ve accomplished as well as the content of their character. But as the trend seems to show from the video, it is more important to vote for what a person is.

[Image via Joe Raedle/Getty]