GoPro Camera Captures Adorable Dog Living The ‘Pug Life’ While Snowboarding In Cali [Video]

Brandy the pug hops on a snowboard strapped with a GoPro camera and shows off her skills. The video was shot in southern California and shows what any pooch living the “pug life” would do following a little snow.

The video was uploaded by GoPro and shows the little pug in a stylish doggie sweater mounted with a GoPro camera. A second camera is also mounted on the front of the snowboard. You can watch as Brandy does a run with her owner and another solo. At the 0:42 mark, it is easy to see that the little pug enjoys going down the slope but doesn’t quite want to go back up.

The video has gone viral and has been viewed over 690,000 since it was uploaded on April 11. Many of the commenters on the video applaud the little dog for taking to the snow. Others just wish they could be enjoying the snow and sunshine combo seen in the video. One astute viewer points out that in true “California style,” at least one other snowboarder can be seen utilizing a surfboard to take on the snow.

“Haha awesome! I see a guy with a surfboard…. yup that’s california style!”

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What do you think of Brandy the pug and her snowboarding skills? Did you see any snow at your location this week?