Two-Year-Old Girl Who Got Her Head Stuck In Toilet Seat Rescued By Firefighters

A 2-year-old girl who thought it was a good idea to stick her hear through a toilet seat, ended up getting stuck and needed to be rescued by firefighters.

When the girl, Makynli Hood’s mother Aimee started potty training her daughter, she was so excited about getting out of diapers and using the bathroom like an adult, that she stuck her head into a new kid’s toilet seat, which her mother had purchased.

Aimee, from Seaham in County Durham did what she could to release her daughter from the seat, which she had purchased for $5, using shampoo and other soaps, but to no avail.

As the inquisitive toddler’s mother told reporters, “She has an obsession with putting things on her head and around her neck – she’s always pinching my knickers out of the dryer to wear as a necklace. But I never thought for one minute she’d get that over her head. I couldn’t believe it when she started screaming and walked in the kitchen with it around her neck.”

Apparently, while Makynli was sat watching Peppa Pig on the TV, she insisted that her mom take the new toilet seat out of the wrapping, which she did. But then, while Aimee was in the kitchen, her daughter put the seat over her head.

As Aimee explained, “She was just in the sitting room watching Peppa Pig while I was in the kitchen and she wanted it out the wrapping so I did it and gave her it back and she went back off into the sitting room. I just heard her scream and she came back into the kitchen with it around her head and I couldn’t believe it. I tried for about 20 minutes to get it off but it just wouldn’t budge. I could get it up on to her head but that was it.”

When neighbors failed to release the child from the seat, Aimee said she called firefighters to request their assistance, ‘They pulled up outside the house in a fire engine and three of them came in – I was just expecting one of them to come up in a car. She sat on my knee and one of the firefighters kept her calm while the others cut the seat off.”

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