WWE News: WWE Legend Jim Ross Talks Rumors Of WWE Network Involvement

Without Jim Ross, the WWE would be vastly different. His verbose calls and jubilant personality provided the WWE Universe with memories of matches and segments, by simply recalling Ross’ calls. He’s the voice of many videos online that consist of a bad crash, horrific fall, or even a fight of some kind. Jim Ross changed the game of sports-entertainment broadcasting forever.

More specifically in the WWE, Ross, alongside Jerry “the King” Lawler, became the greatest announce team in all of professional wrestling. Lawler played the great heel, while Ross was the proverbial face that rooted for all of the good guys. They were the “peanut butter and jelly” of announce teams.

Will Jim Ross ever return to the WWE? That’s been the big question ever since Michael Cole became “stale” to the WWE fan base. Not many fans enjoy Cole’s style, while some like Michael Cole and his passion for the product. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Ross attended a WWE NXT show, which cause fans to stir on the internet about a potential return.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Ross addressed the rumor about a potential return to World Wrestling Entertainment and the possibility of working on the WWE Network.

“Regarding my potential involvement with the @WWENetwork, we are in the preliminary, talking stages but I’d love to participate with them at some point in the future if schedules, etc can be addressed. I’ve been a subscriber since day one and love the network and encourage all who haven’t to give it a try. So, nothing whatsoever is etched in stone but there is dialog ongoing and we will see where it goes over the next few weeks/months. It’s all positive which is where healthy negotiations begin.”

That’s where Ross responded, on his website, JrsBarbQ.com. His blog is a very reputable source for news and editorials, where he speaks of many wrestling topics, even the controversial ones. Now, among the rumors that include Ross and WWE, he also touched on working for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

New Japan always puts on great shows; even Jim Ross announced the show with Global Force Wrestling several months ago. Ross said he was open to working with them, but he’s heard nothing from them since January. As a WWE fan, Ross needs to go back to the WWE where he belongs. He proved that he’s a appropriate broadcaster, where any sport on television can be competed.

Ross is also a professional and great man. The WWE would benefit from his return. Hopefully, the two sides work out their differences, if there are any, and Jim Ross can go back to calling matches. Maybe Jim Ross can become the voice of WWE NXT?

[Image via wearewrestling.net]