Demi Moore’s $75 Million Penthouse Comes With 14 Rooms, A Chandelier, And A Rock Star Neighbor

Want to live like a movie star? Well, there’s a price and not surprisingly, it’s pretty steep. For instance — if you want to live in Demi Moore‘s New York City penthouse, you’ll have to shell out a record-breaking amount: $75 million.

There’s a crystal chandelier in the dining room; views of the George Washington Bridge; fifteen-hundred square feet of wraparound bluestone terraces with panoramic views of the river, city and Central Park; a Southwestern Mission motif with cherry wood; oh, and 14 rooms and 7,000 square feet of space.

“This apartment is too magnificent not to be lived in full time,” Demi told the New York Times.

That’s probably true, but Moore hasn’t taken her advice in several years, choosing instead to spend most of her time in her other homes – plural. And now, Demi is selling the penthouse after 25 years of ownership (she and ex-hubby Bruce Willis bought it in 1990).

If it sells for a cool $75 million, Moore’s penthouse will be the most expensive in the building. The last record sale price in the building was $26.4 million.

It’s been home to many other stars aside from Willis and Moore, including Dustin Hoffman, Diane Keaton, and Steven Spielberg. Bono still lives in San Remo’s north tower penthouse, added the New York Daily News. (Madonna, by the way, was not allowed in).

The historic building was designed in 1929 by a guy named Roth, evidently known for his “gracious interior floor plans, swirling staircases, intricate moldings and basket-weave tile baths … twin terrazzo and marble lobbies, and distinctive twin towers culminating in Renaissance-style Corinthian temples crowned by 22-foot-high copper lanterns, opened in 1930,” the Times gushed.

All that sounds mighty fancy, but does Demi’s penthouse in the south tower (it’s apparently the “crown jewel” of the San Remo) warrant a $75 million price tag? The man who listed the apartment, Adam Modlin, seems to think so.

“It is the grandest residence in the south tower, the one that sits above all the others, a mansion in the clouds, and it is the largest intact park-facing residence at the San Remo with private outdoor space.”

If you’re thinking of putting in an offer on Demi’s digs, there is some fine print (there always is) you have to be aware of. The penthouse includes a maisonette (just another apartment) that costs an extra three grand to maintain every month, and the entire penthouse costs almost $18,000 to keep up.

This proves – as if we didn’t already know – that celebrities like Demi Moore might as well live on another planet. Perhaps you better just live in a ghost town instead.

[Photo Courtesy Jason Merritt/Getty Images]