Batman Vs. Superman: Finding The Origins

The Batman vs. Superman theme has always been a mindblower for the comic book fans. No wonder there is such a fuss about the official Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer video, which leaked online this week. Audiences ripped the video to snapshots, puzzling their brains over each separate scene and trying to guess the plot of the movie.

According to the Inquisitr, the trailer is more of a teaser than anything else: though it serves as a decent introduction to the story, it does not reveal many secrets.

“While the leaked Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer video does not tell us exactly why Batman and Superman are fighting, we then hear Alfred lecturing Bruce Wayne, warning him that the “feeling of powerlessness turns good men cruel.”

When the movie was first announced, many Batman and Superman fans thought that its story would be based on graphic novel “The Dark Knight Returns” – this dark comic book featured a grand fight between two superheroes. Yet in year 2013, Business Insider reported that the movie director Zack Snyder refuted all guesses.

“We’re not adapting this thing,” said Snyder. “But it is the thing that will help tell that story.”

After the trailer was leaked onto the internet, an interesting assumption was made by Cosmic Booknews, which presumed that the film might display Superman as a villain.

“You may have missed it, but once scene featured soldiers kneeling before Superman – and they had Superman shield patches on their shoulders (an ironic twist to ‘kneel before Zod’), which makes you believe they were Superman’s troops. We’re guessing they probably were more of a separtist faction of Superman-worshippers, the antithesis to the Superman ‘false god’ haters (as Superman is their ‘god’).”

“The origin of the scene may have been borrowed – or better yet inspired – from the DC Injustice: Gods Among Us video game that sees Superman as the villain”

Does it mean Superman might go dark in this story? It pretty much looks like that. However, it is also possible that the scenes for the trailer were chosen on purpose to lead the fans away from the correct guesses on plot of the film. In any case, no matter which comic books will turn out to be the basis for this Batman vs. Superman story, this film is definitely going to be one of the most spectacular movie event of the year – and a holiday for all geeks and superheroes fans.