Zebras Terrorize The Belgian Capitol As They Run Through The City Streets [Video]

Zebras took to the streets of Brussels wreaking havoc in the streets, as police attempt to herd the striped creatures out of the incoming traffic.

In the viral video, you see a car stopped as police attempt to corral a group of zebras prancing through the streets of Brussels, Belgium. The recording shows a group of three zebras trotting through an intersection as police cars line the streets. Police seem to be placing their vehicles strategically so that the zebras must take a specific path out of the incoming traffic. However, despite their efforts, it seems as though the zebras have a mind of their own and can be seen running down the sidewalk near vehicle parked waiting for animals to pass.

Many people commenting on the video blame the incident on someone playing a game of Jumanji, while others note that the vehicle recording the incident has the perfect music playing as the event unfolds.

“That music makes this so much better.”

This isn’t the first time this week that nature has frightening the general public. The Inquisitr previously reported on a startling incident that took place inside a zoo as an angry Gorilla broke the glass of his enclosure after a little girl challenged him by pounding her chest.

Time Magazine reports that the zebra trio had escaped from a ranch near the city and were returned to their homes after a good police chase.

What do you think of the zebras running loose in Brussels? What would you do if you saw something like this in your city?