Royal Baby Watch: Betting Odds For Royal Baby’s Name, Sex, Birth Date, Kate’s Dress Color, And More

The royal baby watch is in full swing as the due date is pretty much any day now, and there are already people gathering outside of St. Mary’s Hospital. Not much is known about the baby this time around, but the betting odds for the royal baby are really heating up with bets being placed on the name, sex, birth date, and even the color of Kate’s dress.

As Prince William and Kate Middleton prepare to become parents for a second time, people are beginning to wonder about many of the unknowns. GMA News reports that the birth date is predicted as Thursday, April 23, and so many people believe it will be a girl named Alice.

Per Paddy Power, Alice has the highest odds, and the name is followed closely by Charlotte and then Elizabeth. Here are the top eight bets for the name of Will and Kate’s second child.

Alice – 13/8
Charlotte – 4/1
Elizabeth – 7/1
Victoria – 11/1
Alexandra – 16/1
Diana – 18/1
Arthur – 20/1
James – 20/1

That’s one of the biggest bets out there, but the second is that of the birth date of the royal baby. Many are saying that Thursday is the day, but the betting odds are going all the way through to May 14. They officially begin with April 18, which is currently the high bet at 20/1.

The sex of the royal baby is another big bet, as there are obviously only two choices.

  • Female – 8/15
  • Male – 11/8

From there, some of the bets are the serious ones of “Weight of Baby,” “Hair Color,” Name Forecast,” and who could end up being a Godparent of the child. For those looking to take a bet on the “Next Monarch,” there are only a handful of choices, and Harry is still far down the list.

Prince Charles – 4/1
Prince William – 5/2
Prince George – 20/1
Prince Harry – 40/1
Any Other – 50/1

As people wait outside of St. Mary’s, there are a lot of things they want to know about the Royal Family as the royal baby watch goes on. One of the things that a lot of people are looking forward to is what color dress will be worn by Kate Middleton when she exits the doors.

Don’t worry, there are betting odds for that too.

Yellow – 7/2
Pink/Purple – 4/1
Blue – 9/2
White – 5/1
Cream/Beige – 6/1
Green – 6/1
Red – 9/1
Grey/Silver – 10/1
Black – 10/1
Peach/Orange – 12/1
Brown – 20/1

As the unknown birth date of the royal baby approaches, Prince William and Kate Middleton are looking forward to being parents for a second time. A lot of others in the world are just anxious about the new addition while others are scouring the betting odds to see where their money could make the most take-in with a win.

[Image via Business Insider]