‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Officially Released Following Leaks

The much awaited Batman v Superman trailer has been officially released by Warner Bros. following illegal leaks earlier this week.

The studio’s plan to make an event out of the highly anticipated Batman v Superman trailer release was thwarted by online leaks. On Wednesday, director Zack Snyder shared a teaser of the full-length clip on Twitter, announcing that on Monday, April 20, select IMAX theaters would have a special showing for fans.

This included a personal message from Snyder, much like he did for those who bought tickets for the premiere of the prequel, Man of Steel. As pirated, low quality copies of the Batman v Superman trailer began to show up all over YouTube and other sites, Warner Bros. decided to go ahead and release the clip in its entirety.

Snyder took a clear jab on Twitter at those who couldn’t wait a few days to see what WB wanted to share with the public, but the IMAX showings are still on. Surely die-hard fans who live in the select areas will pay to see the trailer on the big screen.

The botched release of the Batman v Superman trailer was somewhat of a disappointment for fans. Those who truly love movies and the whole experience leading up to the big release of a blockbuster can attest to the disappointment that Snyder and company may be feeling.

However, this is not unprecedented by any means. In the age of the Internet, where everyone knows everything the moment it happens and sometimes before it happens, unscrupulous individuals are at the ready to be the first to show movie trailers before they become official.

On Thursday night, pirated copies of the Batman v Superman trailer went viral after they were released online. This caught WB completely by surprised, which is a surprise in itself, as this happened to Marvel in October with the release of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer.

The difference is that Marvel got ahead of the leak by releasing a high-quality version and even joked about it on Twitter.

Fans can appreciate that, but the way in which WB has handled the Batman v Superman trailer leak seems less than controlled and it is clear everyone was caught off-guard. In any case, the video — in which we get our first good look at Batman (Ben Affleck) and a troubled Superman (Henry Cavill) — is finally out there and there is a lot to ponder about what we see. Let us know what you think.

[Image via Warner Bros. screencap]