Jonathan Crombie, Dead: ‘Anne Of Avonlea’ And ‘Power Play’ TV Movie Actor Dies In New York Of Brain Hemorrhage

Jonathan Crombie, the Canadian TV movie actor known for his roles in Anne of Green Gables and The Waiting Game, is dead. CBC News is reporting that the television actor died of a brain hemorrhage in New York City. News of his death came from his sister who informed the public that her beloved brother died on April 15. The handsome actor’s death saddens many throughout the Canadian acting community, as well as actors in Hollywood. He was 48-years-old.

According to CBC News, the sister stated the following in an interview regarding her brother’s untimely death.

“We’ve been going through lots of stories the last couple days. He was funny, he was sweet, he loved acting, he loved comedy and singing and dancing. As a little kid, he just loved Broadway shows and all of that kind of stuff and would sing and dance in the living room.

“I think he was really proud of being Gilbert Blythe and was happy to answer any questions…he really enjoyed that series and was happy, very proud of it — we all were. [But] I think his proudest part was when he played the lead in Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway. That was just an amazing thing for him to be able to do.”

Jonathan Crombie was born in Toronto on October 12, 1966, to his mother, Shirley Anne Crombie, and his father, former Toronto mayor, David Crombie. He grew up with his two sisters. From a young age it was evident that Jonathan was destined to be in the spotlight. Deciding against a career in politics like his father, he was thrust into the acting arena after his brilliant performance in the high school play Wizard of Oz. From there, he was cast for his role as Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables.

Throughout his career, Jonathan Crombie has also appeared in TV movies, such as Anne of Avonlea, The Teddy Bears’ Picnic, and The Good Fight. He also secured roles in various television series, such as Mount Royal and Power Play. In addition to acting, the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) also lists him as a writer, director, and a producer.

Jonathan Crombie’s body will be cremated, and then transported from New York to Toronto by bus in harmony with the way he always preferred to travel. His organs will be donated. As for funeral arrangements, his sister has indicated that they will be preparing a celebration of life for him in the weeks to come.

Crombie’s death comes on the heels of another celebrity death. Inquisitr reported yesterday thatJust Got Paid” singer Johnny Kemp died in Jamaica at age 55.

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