Mollie Jones, Dead: ‘X Factor,’ ‘The Voice’ Aspirant Dies Of Brain Hemorrhage After Collapse At Kentucky Fried Chicken

Mollie Jones, former X Factor aspirant is dead. The Daily Mail is reporting today that The Voice and X Factor candidate died on March 3 – two days after she collapsed from a brain hemorrhage on the job.

The events happened on March 1 at the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant located at M6 at the Charnock Richard Services station in Lancashire. That’s where her father says his daughter, who was working there as a branch manager, became sick and collapsed moments later.

Mollie Jones was quickly transported to a local hospital where she died from the brain hemorrhage. Her grieving father told the Daily Mail that they learned the news from their daughter’s boyfriend.

“We got a phone call from her boyfriend, Adam, who works with her, saying she’s collapsed. We thought she’d fainted, not had enough to eat. She had had a bleed to her brain. There was no warning at all – it was just out of the blue. She was fit and healthy. It was thought it was meningitis at first. It was only at 11 pm when we found out she had a bleed.”

The thick-haired beauty tried out for both The Voice and the X Factor but didn’t make it to the television. She did graduate to several levels in the competition and was proud to have made it so far. Friends and family members say that music and singing was her passion, and she sang every chance she got—taking advantage of local concerts and local shows to display her talent.

Not only was Mollie Jones a good singer, she was also a talented makeup artist. Her work is still available on YouTube under the name cheerfreakwarriors. Her distraught father cannot believe that he has lost his beloved daughter. He also stated that he cannot bear to listen to any music at this time.

The memorial services for Mollie Jones have already been held. A crowd of several hundred showed up to remember her. Brendan Jones has set up a page for Mollie Jones so that people can donate to Derian House in her honor.

The message on the page reads:

“Thanks for taking the time to visit Mollies JustGiving page. Mollie Jones was our Beautiful Daughter and Sister, she was a Talented Young Girl just 19 with her whole life in front of Her…. On Sunday 1st of March she took ill whilst at work and on Tuesday 3rd March she died, Mollie had a bleed to her brain.. Please visit Mollie’s Facebook and her YOU TUBE Mollie Jones cheerfreakwarriors you will see how talented she was both as a person and as a friend to many.”

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke about 30,000 people experience ruptured aneurysm each year. Ruptured aneurysms can cause bleeding between the skull bone and the brain. Most don’t display symptoms until the rupture occurs. In October 2014, The Inquisitr reported on the death of former Fox News anchor Terry Keenan who died of a brain hemorrhage at age 56.

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