‘GTA 5’ World Cracked Open: Yay For Mods And Virtual Reality, Nay For Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto 5’s (GTA 5) most awaited release finally came to millions of gamers worldwide this week, albeit with disastrous bugs, and it has sent mod developers crazy to crack open the GTA 5 world. Just a few days into the release, PC Gamer reports that GooD-NTS has GTA 5’s modest blaze already spreading into a full-on bush fire.

“Okay, no big speeches today, right to the business: OpenIV 2.5 first release with support PC version of GTA 5. Currently you can only view files; edit features are not available now. You can open archives and textures, the other resources will come later. The audio playback is also not available now. Please keep in mind it is just a beginning,” posted GooD-NTS on April 15.

GooD-NTS is the lead developer team behind the successful OpenIV tool that was widely used by gamers the world over for modding GTA 4 on PC.

While Venture Beat reports a number of mod developers are already having difficulty at cracking the GTA 5 game, GooD-NTS has indeed risen from their ashes. Even though this is only the start of possible GTA 5 mods, members on the OpenIV forums expressed their admiration for GooD-NTS’ ability to crack open the archives of GTA 5 in a matter of days. With A.I. scripts, character models, and game archives now already available to community creators, the gaming population is already anticipating downloadable GTA 5 DLC, in-game items, and other more in a matter of days.

In addition to Good-NTS’ success with the game archives, another leading GTA 5 breakthrough has already started circulating on the internet. VorpX, a driver for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality kit, has already added support for GTA 5 on the PC platform. Excellent 3D playing experience is already possible for the GTA 5 game, especially if you’re a fan of the racing and the people-shooting — like GTA 5 VR developer Falandorn himself.

“I’m not really into missions and all that, just speeding about shooting people and causing carnage is entertainment enough,” said Falandorn.

Softpedia has published ENB Series developer Boris Vorontsov’s statement that Rockstar has done everything to block mods from interfering with the GTA 5 game.

“Rockstar did everything to prevent modding of GTA 5, so at this moment impossible to do anything via editing game files. All my buddies modders share the same opinion, that GTA is short living like any other game without mods,” said Vorontsov.

But despite the heavy measures that Rockstar took to prevent gamers from prying open the GTA 5 world, GooD-NTS just proved them all wrong.

Here are some snapshots of the game files that Good-NTS has posted on the OpenIV forums and videos of gamers already diving into the Oculus Rift to play GTA 5.

[Image courtesy of gamesforpublic.de at Flickr]