12-Year-Old Girl Tells Teachers She Is Being Sexually Abused: You Won’t Believe The Infuriating Response

Jack R. Arons, 68 (pictured above), allegedly sexually abused a 12-year-old girl. As shocking and horrifying as that accusation is to the general population, it’s only responsible for a portion of the outrage you’ll feel after hearing what happened next.

The Tallahassee, Florida, child sought help for what she allegedly suffered at the hands of Arons, so she went to three of her trusted teachers at the Magnolia School — Sunshine Jacobs, 40; Kathleen McGlynn, 53; and Sharon McQueen, 62.

Rather than report the claims to the proper authorities, the teachers took it upon themselves to develop a “safety plan” for the child while she was around Arons.

In this safety plan, the teachers “required the girl to take her clothes into the bathroom when taking a shower so she could change in there afterward,” reports the Tallahassee Democrat, adding that the girl “was to begin counseling, not be alone with the suspect, and not wear revealing clothing around him.”

Only after friends of the victim brought repeated inquiries (that went unanswered) to McQueen did a “third party” get involved and report the case to authorities.

According to the little girl’s mother, it was not the first time the child had accused Arons of molesting her, but in the previous case, there was not sufficient evidence to back it up.

But for many, Arons’ guilt or innocence does little to relieve the outrage felt over a child reporting sexual abuse to her teachers and then being rebuffed and put into a situation where she would continue to be around the alleged perpetrator with no notification to the proper authorities.

It wasn’t clear what Jack R. Arons’ relationship to the little girl was in the initial news reports.

Meghan Lodge was one commenter particularly outraged by the “revealing clothing” part of the “safety plan.”

“Don’t wear revealing clothing,” she said. “Putting blame on the victim with that ‘safety plan’ of theirs.”

“The family needs to SUE,” wrote Elizabeth Freebird. “This was over two months ago [initial reports were in January] and she was left with the direction to not wear revealing clothes around him? Uck!”

If Arons is guilty of the charges that he sexually abused the 12-year-old, do you think the three teachers, who came up with the “safety plan” should have their licenses revoked?

Also, what about jail time? Should educators who fail to act correctly in cases like these be charged with felonies? Sound off in the comments section.