Kornegay Sisters Kill Their Brother, Family Had History Of Sexual Abuse

The Kornegay sisters are accused of killing their brother while their parents were out of town. Authorities in White Springs, Florida, said 15-year-old Misty Renee shot and killed 16-year-old Damien while he slept. Nicole Kornegay, 11, was also charged with murder, as she “assisted in the shooting.”

Keith Kornegay, 37, and Misty Kornegay, 33, were both out of town when the shooting occurred. According to reports, Keith was working as a truck driver and Misty was riding along.

During a police interview, Misty Renee said her brother beat her and locked her inside a bedroom. When Damian fell asleep, Nicole unlocked the door and let her sister out of the room.

Misty Renee then broke into her parents’ locked bedroom, grabbed their nine millimeter handgun, and shot her brother dead. After killing their brother, the Kornegay sisters walked to a local Dollar General store.

When they arrived at the store, 11-year-old Nicole called a friend to report that she had run away from home and needed a ride. The friend’s mother drove to Dollar General to pick up Nicole and her sister. However, she became concerned when Misty Renee mentioned that her brother may be hurt.

As reported by USA Today, the friend’s mother contacted authorities to request a welfare check at the Kornegay home. Unfortunately, when Columbia County deputies arrived, they found Damien dead on the living room floor.

Misty Renee and Nicole were both arrested and charged with premeditated murder. They remain in custody at a juvenile detention facility. State Attorney Jeff Siegmeister said he “may be forced” to charge the Kornegay sisters as adults for killing their brother. However, the circumstances are still under investigation.

Following their return home, Keith and Misty Kornegay were arrested and charged with “child neglect causing great bodily harm.” They are currently being held on $20,000 bond, and are prohibited from having unsupervised contact with their children.

In addition to Damien, Misty Renee, and Nicole, the Kornegays have a 3-year-old son. Authorities confirmed the toddler was surrendered to the Florida Department of Children and Families. Although the boy was in the home during the shooting, he was not physically harmed.

Sheriff Mark Hunter said the family had a history of physical and sexual abuse. Prior reports indicate Keith and Misty removed Misty Renee from school as she “had been acting out and had attempted to kill herself several times.”

As reported by News 4 Jax, the parents reportedly kept Misty Renee “locked in her room for up weeks at a time with just a blanket and bucket for her to urinate.”

In 2010, an unidentified uncle was charged and convicted of molesting Misty Renee. Police reports also reveal “the children’s mother at one point discovered the siblings having sex.”

It may be difficult to understand why the Kornegay sisters killed their brother. However, records indicate the children were subjected to years of abuse and neglect.

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