‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Struggles With Filming ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Doesn’t Want MTV Focused On Filming Her Naked

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham isn’t completely happy with the way OG was filmed.

During an April 16 interview with toofab, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham revealed the new format, in which viewers see behind-the-scenes action, as well, was derived from the success of her MTV special, Being Farrah, which aired last year. Still, that doesn’t mean Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is happy with production.

“I think some of it’s too much shown. The network should be focused on why it’s edited the way it is, instead of showing us naked. I don’t agree with that.”

At this point, it is unclear why Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was naked on the show, but once she returns on April 20, fans will surely find out.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham starred on the MTV reality show until season four wrapped in 2012. After Portwood entered into what was supposed to be a five-year prison term, the network called it quits with the show. However, months after Portwood’s early release after just 17 months behind bars, MTV began talks with Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout, for a fifth season of the series, which later became known as Teen Mom OG.

Although Teen Mom Farrah Abraham wasn’t initially part of the cast, she eventually began filming, and in January of this year, as the Inquisitr reported, her role on the show was confirmed.

At the same time, Teen Mom creator Lauren Dolgen told Us Weekly her co-stars, Portwood, Bookout and Lowell, weren’t thrilled. Luckily, however, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham didn’t let her co-star’s negativity bring her down.

“Nothing hurts me. I think I’ve gone through worse s–t. So the reactions are their own and their perceptions of myself are their own. It’s not my reality.”

As for Sophia, Teen Mom Farrah Abraham admitted she had her issues with production, as well, mainly because of the male staff.

“She does have her troubles with some of the male camera operators. I think that’s justified, because we’re normally not just having an all-male crew and we’re normally not having cameras as much in the way when we’re getting dressed. Keep in mind, we’re women. We not so open usually and usually have more privacy. This was definitely like, ‘MTV, what are you doing?’ And Sophia voices some of that [on the show].”

For more of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, tune into new OG episodes on Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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