Couple’s Secret Twins Kept Hidden From Family And Friends Until Birth, Priceless Video Goes Viral

A couple had secret twins, that is, they didn’t tell anyone about their precious babies until they were born. According to the Huffington Post, Korey and Sharon Rademacher from Pensacola, Florida, knew that they were expecting twins, but they chose to keep the news to themselves. Their friends and family thought that they were welcoming just one baby, and were never led to believe anything different. It wasn’t until people started showing up at the hospital to meet the new Rademacher that they learned that there were two new Rademachers — two beautiful baby girl Rademachers.

As people arrived at the hospital, their reactions were caught on tape, and that video has been posted online. So far, over six million people have viewed it, all seeming to really enjoy the special moments experienced by each person who met these little girls for the first time.

The priceless footage shows visitor after visitor coming in to the room, each taken aback when they see Sharon holding two newborn babies, not one. Their reactions were a mixture of joy and shock, most not believing their eyes and having to do a double take, many asking in a curious/confused voice, “twins?”

The couple’s secret twins were born on March 12, seven months after Sharon and Korey learned they were having two babies, and not just one. They quickly decided that they wouldn’t tell a soul — something that their doctor thought would never work. It did, however, and neither Korey nor Sharon slipped up — not even once.

According to ABC News, Korey said that he and his wife were on the same page from the very beginning.

“As soon as my wife and I picked our jaws up off the floor, the doctor walked out. Within a minute of the doctor walking out, my wife said ‘Let’s not tell anyone.’ Literally, I was thinking the same thing,” explained Korey.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, you can hear Sharon and Korey giggling in the background of the video, clearly getting a kick out of their surprise. There were a few times that you can hear Sharon say that she didn’t take someone else’s baby, and having a laugh.

The couple and their secret twins are doing well at home, and the couple’s son is adjusting to being a big brother to two new siblings. Of course the surprise was great, but the family is really happy that Maryann Grace and Brianna Faith are happy and healthy.

[Photo via YouTube Screen Capture]