Pippa Middleton Is Shamed By PETA After Eating Whale Meat

Looks like Pippa Middleton is in hot water. After writing about her experience eating uncooked whale meat in Norway, PETA has decided to come out and shame Kate Middleton’s younger sister.

Middleton’s column was published on the Daily Telegraph, and in her column she compares eating whale to smoked salmon. “(It) tastes similar to smoked salmon but looks more like venison carpaccio.”

It didn’t take long before PETA responded back to her column on her experience. According to E!, Ellen Allen, the associate director of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals U.K., reacted to Middleton’s post in a frank manner.

“Pippa is not known for common sense or compassion, but it still beggars belief that anyone, let alone someone from a country like ours, where whale meat has long been banned, could be oblivious to the uproar over Norway’s slaughter of these gentle giants.”

“If Pippa is looking for a culinary experience, some of the best high-end vegan food—recently named by Forbes magazine as a top food trend—can be found in Norway, and it’s good for the heart, an organ Pippa seems to lack.”

As the Inquisitr reported, the Whale And Dolphin Conservation also reached out to comment on her experience, calling the whole ordeal “very disappointing.”

“This is really disappointing news, particularly as Pippa is so high-profile, and given how active her brother-in-law, William, is on speaking out against poaching and wildlife crime.”

“Commercial whale hunting is banned, the UK government backs the ban and for good reason. Killing whales is cruel, there is no humane way to kill them and many are slaughtered using brutal harpoon grenades.”

Twitter has also reacted to Middleton’s whale eating experience, and as expected people were extremely bothered by what Pippa had to say.

@oceansresearch @FinsandFluke @WHALES_org Disappointing. Whale carpacchio? Seriously?

— Jeanne Northcutt (@kjnorthcutt1) April 16, 2015

What do you think about Pippa Middleton’s comments on eating whale? Should she have done her research?

[Photo by Clive Brunskill / Getty Images]