Britney Spears’ F-Bomb: Pop Singer Cusses Out Fat-Shaming Fan At Piece Of Me Show

Britney Spears’ popular Las Vegas show is called Piece Of Me for a reason. During her performance on Wednesday night, a fan allegedly called the pop queen “fat.” Britney didn’t take kindly to the heckler. In fact, she cursed at the fan and called the person an “a**hole,” according to a video that made its way to the internet.

Spears, 33, hit the stage in a black and gold bodysuit that hugged her curves, according to People Magazine. She danced and lip-synced to her 2011 hit single “Till The World Ends.” One of Spears’ fans wasn’t pleased with the singer’s performance or appearance. The so-called fan decided to fat-shame the singer in the middle of her performance.

Another of Britney’s fans recorded and uploaded the moment when the pop princess responded to the rude audience member. The fan allegedly screamed “fat b**ch,” although it’s hard to hear it in the video. The videos still went viral on Thursday morning. Britney’s fans allegedly cheered when she called out the rude fan for commenting on her weight. The singer responded, “F***ing a**hole” and went back to her performance, as nothing happened.

Some of Spears’ fans thought that the singer was calling her entire audience “f***ing a**holes” during her performance. There was confusion as to what the “Perfume” singer really said in the video. Spears, herself, hasn’t yet spoken out about the incident. She only shared a photo of her performance last night with the caption: “I see you, Vegas! Back in action at #PieceOfMe TONIGHT.” Spears’ management has been following this controversy closely, as they had the video removed from Instagram.

britney-spears-piece-of-meBritney’s outburst also reportedly happened after she asked the audience if they wanted “one more song?” Some fans noted that the singer wasn’t as vibrant and energetic as she usually is. They also believe that Britney didn’t feel like performing after her brief hiatus. Of course she received a positive response to her question, but some think she may have heard some responses that didn’t make her happy. Maybe it was just an off night for Britney.

This isn’t the first time that Spears was caught having an outburst during one her performances. The singer was also caught cussing at a 2009 Tampa show during the Circus Starring Britney Spears tour. Spears was caught saying, “My p****y is hanging out!” shortly after her performance ended. Some fans think that the singer isn’t used to having her microphone turned on during her live performances since she’s known to lip-sync on stage. Spears’ fans are wondering if her f-bomb tops her Circus tour incident.

The Circus Starring Britney Spears received mixed reviews. While some thought it was an entertaining show, others criticized the singer for her lack of singing and dancing during her performances. She also failed to talk to the crowd in between her performances. The Piece Of Me Show has already received its share of criticism since the singer lip-syncs in every performance.

What are your thoughts on Britney Spears’ throwing the f-bomb at a fan? Do you think it was right for her to call out the fat-shaming fan?

[Image: Ashley Scott via Wikimedia Commons]