'Scandal' Spoilers: Rowan Returns With Big Threats For Olivia Over B613

Stacy Carey

Papa Pope is back to stir up trouble on Scandal this week, and fans can't wait to watch it all play out. Not only has Rowan returned, but Olivia Pope and Associates are called in to help on a wild case. What Scandal spoilers are available for Thursday night's episode?

As TV Guide notes, the April 16 episode is titled "I'm Just a Bill." Rowan is back, just as Jake predicted would happen, and the battle to bring down B613 is now going to face even tougher odds. Olivia, Jake, Huck, David, and Quinn have run into a lot of challenges already along the way, including some pretty brutal trust issues. Can they manage to stick together to conquer Rowan and his agenda?

In addition, OPA will be called to help when the mayor's wife is killed. Just who is it that needs her help? As a Scandal spoiler preview via Facebook shows, it's Marcus, the community activist from the episode earlier this year titled "The Lawn Chair."

From the looks of the preview, Marcus may have been having an affair with the mayor's wife, and now he's in a tough spot regarding looking guilty for her murder. Also ahead in this Season 4, Episode 19 show, Fitz turns to the vice president for support on a bill, but it may not be a given that she'll do what he wants.

In this episode, Rowan Pope makes it clear to his daughter that she needs to shut the investigation into B613 and his activities down, no matter what it takes. Olivia initially scoffs as his demands, but it doesn't take long for him to bring Fitz into the picture.

As the Scandal preview from ABC teases, Rowan will ask Olivia, "Is your hatred for me so great that you are willing to tear him down, too?"

Will Rowan's determination to elude consequences for all he's done with B613 spell the end for Olivia, Fitz, and the possibility of Vermont? Of course, there will surely be more twists and turns before all is said and done, with Olivia and the rest of the white hat team scrambling to come up with a win of sorts.

Fans are quite excited to have Joe Morton back in the role of Rowan Pope, as he always delivers a stellar, yet frightening, performance. How will it all play out this time around? Viewers can't wait to find out in the Scandal episode titled "I'm Just a Bill" airing on ABC on Thursday, April 16.

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