Chris Christie Says He ‘Will Beat’ Hilary Clinton In 2016, Boasts New Jersey Re-Election Numbers

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie doesn’t see Hilary Clinton as much of a treat. The 2016 presidential campaign hopeful has boldly professed that his proven track record of getting elected and re-elected is much more impressive than Clinton’s.

“If I run, I will beat her.”

Chris Christie has been thought to be the fourth Republican candidate, according to USA Today, but has failed to announce his candidacy even after Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul have already entered the race. It is believed that Christie has been trying to fully establish a domestic and international image before he jumps in. In 2014, he did so with a trip to the U.K., which reportedly didn’t go as planned. Currently, Governor Christie is on the road visiting places like New Hampshire to talk up Social Security and Medicare, two matters that Christie sees as a huge government spending issue.

The New Jersey Governor recently spoke about the many U.S. states where he knows he will be successful. On his list are many blue states, a few of which President Barack Obama took in his 2008 and 2012 elections. Even with all of the qualifications the other candidates have, Christie believes that he can win states like Pennsylvania, simply because the people there are familiar with him. He recently stated that such states would vote for him because they are “familiar with the type of leadership” that he could bring to the country.

Chris Christie went on to name other states that would particularly benefit from having him in office because of his New Jersey track record. In the Garden State, Christie lead the south through the Hurricane Sandy crisis, cut government funds on failing cities to start fresh and made moves with education reform in failing cities like Newark, Trenton and Camden. Christie believes that these actions were that reason he has had success in getting votes from a wide demographic pool.

“If was re-elected in that state less than a year and a half ago with 61% of the vote, 51% of the Hispanic vote, 22% of the African-American vote and 56% of the female vote,” he said. “Those are the type of numbers we’re going to have to run up across the country and to be able to have the type of sweeping victory you want to have to maintain a Republican House and Senate, and have a Republican president.”

So far, Christie has made Americans aware of his potential entry to the race. The fifth candidate, Ben Carson is announcing his entry on May 4th. So, what Chris Christie is waiting for?

[Image via Huffington Post]