Ted Nugent Wants To Shoot Harry Reid?

Ted Nugent fantasized about shooting Harry Reid, according to multiple liberal-leaning media outlets that covered the annual National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Nashville. The rock icon called former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid a “lying p***k” and stated that he would “shoot him,” if the opportunity presented itself, according to Salon.

Timothy Johnson of Media Matters reported that Ted Nugent was asked why the NRA reportedly endorsed Harry Reid once in the past, leading to the Reid shooting comment. Johnson did note that the National Rifle Association actually never endorsed Harry Reid as a candidate but did reportedly once donate $4,000 to a campaign fund. The political contributions dried up when Reid reportedly came out in support of enhanced gun background checks and new gun show rules.

Ted Nugent reportedly answered the NRA Harry Reid endorsement question by deeming the query “possibly the most important question we could confront here because it is so confusing and, on the surface, so diabolical.” Nugent then engaged in a short Harry Reid impersonation and then added, “And because the left has no soul, he admitted he’s a lying p***k, and we haven’t sent him to Cuba yet.”

Nugent also reportedly had some harsh words for members who said they might break from the NRA due to the former Harry Reid donation, because Grover Norquist is among the board of directors, or because the NRA “sends too much s**t in the mail.”

Ted Nugent had reportedly had this to say about the complaints during the NRA annual convention:

“Shut up! There are Marines with no legs who fought for your freedoms. I don’t want to hear about too much mail. The NRA is it!” If your child is dying, and there is only one way to get to the doctor, would you get on Harry Reid’s boat to get there? [some audience members allegedly shouted ‘no’] Then your child’s dead!”

What do you think about the Ted Nugent Harry Reid comments at the NRA annual convention?

[Image via: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]