Cleveland Browns Reveal New Uniforms

The Cleveland Browns have revealed their new uniforms, celebrating the team’s colorful past.

According to ESPN, the Browns opened the Cleveland Convention Center stage with nine figures wearing raincoats. Once together, the nine figures opened their raincoats, revealing the nine new different combinations the Browns can wear.

The first notice is the colors. The color scheme is still white, brown, and orange. There was discussion of additional complementary color, but none could be found. The orange and brown are a bit deeper than in previous years.

Next, there are three jerseys, an orange, a brown, and a white jersey. The jerseys are the same in style, with the word “Cleveland” in capitalized letters. The pants will now have the team nickname down the side. The pants can be finished off by either brown or orange socks. The jerseys are also cross-stitched. The Browns will be the only team in the NFL that will have those three items on their uniform.

Nine Cleveland Browns players, including Joe Thomas, Donte Whitner, and new Browns wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, participated in the new uniform release.

When asked about the ability to wear all of the new combinations, Browns team president Alec Scheiner said, “We could be like Oregon of the NFL.” is reporting that to finish off the new Nike Elite 51 Browns uniforms, as with most Nike uniforms, when the player holds the gloves up, showing the palms, it exposes the Browns helmets pictured on the gloves.

The new helmet has a carbon fiber front on top of the facemask with the name “Browns” on it, and three stripes of the same size down the middle of the helmet, a white stripe between two brown stripes.

“We are truly excited to share these new uniforms with the City of Cleveland, the Dawg Pound and all of our loyal fans,” said Browns President Alec Scheiner. “Throughout the uniform design process, we focused on the core characteristics of our great city — strength and hard work — while also representing the spirit of the city’s recent transformation. We believe these new uniforms reflect those traits while staying true to our history. We are proud to be the only team in the NFL with its city across the front of its jerseys, as well as to pay tribute to our fans with ‘Dawg Pound’ embroidered in the back collar.”

Some of the thunder was lost due to some local Cleveland stores putting the new jerseys on sale a day before the unveiling. Still, Cleveland fans should have something new to enjoy.

[Image courtesy of the Cleveland Browns]