Las Vegas Teen Rape Victim Gives Birth To Stepdad’s Baby, Police Find Dead Toddler In Garage

A North Las Vegas teen rape victim gave birth to her stepdad’s baby and allegedly hid the corpse of a 3-year-old toddler in the garage. When Nevada police investigated the case, they reportedly found the baby of the 17-year-old rape victim alive, but “severely malnourished.” The unidentified young woman was arrested, but she will not face any criminal charges in relation to the case.

North Las Vegas police are still investigating the rape and child abuse case. Police are continuing to review what they are calling a “three-generation case of child abuse” involving the teen rape victim’s mother, Kellie Cherie Phillips, 38, and the man she described as her stepdad, Jondrew Magil Lachaux, 39.

The stepdad rape suspect reportedly kicked the 17-year-old teen out of the house. North Las Vegas police said that the girl slept in “public spaces’ like the McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas Strip for several days until someone noticed her sick baby and called the police for help. The infant was hospitalized in critical condition for severe malnutrition and hypothermia. The young mother said her baby survived on watered-down baby formula.

The dead body of the 3-year-old girl was reportedly found in the back of an old broken car in the garage of the Wood Thrush Place residence. Jondrew Lacheux and Kellie Philips reportedly produced six children together, and the 17-year-old rape victim is from a previous relationship. Court records indicate that Lachaux was sent to prison on a coercion conviction and also noted that he and Phillips were embroiled in a legal dispute in family court until 2010.

The Las Vegas teenage rape victim was released from a Nevada juvenile detention facility on Monday. The unidentified girl was then placed in the custody of the state via a local child protective services agency, according to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.

“This child is a victim in this case and can best receive appropriate and necessary services through the dependency court system and family services,” Clark County DA Steve Wolfson said. The 4-month-old baby has been released from a North Las Vegas hospital and was also placed into the custody of Clark County Child Protective Services.

Jondrew Lachaux is an ex-convict and was arrested April 7 on the teen rape and child abuse charges. Kellie Phillips was arrested April 8 on charges relating to the abandonment of the North Las Vegas teen rape victim and the toddler found dead in the garage. Phillips reportedly took all five of her remaining children and left for Oakland, California.

Police officers found the other children, ages one, four, seven, eight and nine, in “good health” when they caught up with Phillips in Oakland. The children found in California joined the baby, which is also half-sibling and niece or nephew, in state custody.

Jondrew Lachaux allegedly raped his teen stepdaughter. The 17-year-old reportedly became pregnant as a result of the sexual assault, but she did not realize that she was with child. The rape victim told police that she was unaware that she was pregnant when her mother, stepfather, and half-siblings left for Oakland last year in a rental car.

The North Las Vegas rape victim gave birth at home in November, alone and without any medical care. The 3-year-old toddler girl was “sickly” according to the teen. The little girl died several weeks after the baby was born. Jondrew Lachaux came back to the Nevada home in March and allegedly moved the decaying corpse of his little girl to a broken down old Mercedes in the garage and covered the body with used pizza boxes.

North Las Vegas teen rape suspect Jondrew Lachaux will soon be back in court, along with the victim’s mother, Kellie Phillips, to address the child abuse charges.

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