‘The Voice’ Top 10: Heartfelt Adam Levine Speech Saved Deanna Johnson — Why It’s A Good Thing

The Voice has its moments.

Moments that puzzle, infuriate, and sometimes restore faith in humanity. If you can believe it, The Voice saw all of these things wrapped into one moment on Tuesday night: Deanna Johnson was chosen over competitors Mia Z and Brian Johnson to round out the Top 10.

If you’re a fan of either Mia Z or Brian Johnson, the outcome of the Voice‘s “instant save” was deeply frustrating. It’s impossible to argue against the fact that both Mia and Brian sang better than Deanna Johnson. However, as I continue to emphasize, singing well is only half the battle. Getting the Voice voters to be ON YOUR SIDE is just as important.

Mia Z lost support when she failed to enunciate through the entire song she chose. It’s bad enough that it was an obscure blues song that most of the Voice audience didn’t recognize; it’s even worse when people can’t understand you. Yes her voice is interesting and yes, the 16-year-old can hit high high notes…But a failure to make herself understood proved to be her undoing.

Voice contestant Brian Johnson proved to be a frustrating matter, albeit for an entirely different reason. Listening to his version of “Amazed” by Lone Star took me back to his flawless duet with fellow Voice hopeful and Team Adam member Joshua Davis. It was clear at that moment that a bad song choice was probably the reason behind his place in the Bottom 3.

It’s easy to argue that Voice coach Adam Levine put his influence to use for the wrong member of his team. It’s easy to say that he threw Brian under the bus to save Deanna. One could even argue that Pharrell Williams was right about how unfair it would be to send Mia Z home because of her uniqueness and potential.

But something far more important happened on that Voice stage, something of GREATER significance than the subject of much bickering around the water cooler.

We witnessed a young woman who didn’t believe in herself realize that she is someone who other people could believe in and cheer for. Not only that, but that people want her to succeed and do well. That’s a life-changing realization, one that will last long after people have forgotten this season and can no longer name even a handful of participants on The Voice.

Deanna Johnson is a pretty girl from a small town in Georgia. How small? She announced they recently opened a Dollar General and a Hardee’s. On top of being out in the big wide world, she’s overcoming a confidence issue spawned by a four-chair rejection a couple of years ago. Even though this reversed itself in the form of a four chair turn, Deanna continues to struggle with self-doubt.

I will give credit to Adam Levine, even if he loses this season (and he probably will) with putting aside his competitive instinct to nurture the self-confidence of a budding singer. One could say he sacrificed his chance at a win right there on stage. For a Voice coach that is known for his competitiveness and desire to win that’s a HUGE statement. Instead, Levine shared his struggle as a coach trying to help Johnson believe in herself and her ability. He asked the Voice audience to help Deanna understand that others are rooting for her and that she can (and should) believe in herself.

Adam pleaded with the Voice audience in a manner that wasn’t manipulative and was entirely honest and a number of people could look at Deanna Johnson and see the truth of his words. I would say the outcome of the instant save was about more than the best singer of the three or a popularity contest. It was a unique moment in reality television history where people got to see someone come alive with a glimpse of self belief perhaps for the first time in her entire life.

Even if she goes home next week, I believe that Deanna Johnson will be a better person than she was prior to that moment.

How did you feel about The Voice last night? Did Adam Levine ruin his chances at winning Season 8 of The Voice? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

[Image Credit: The Voice YouTube]