Girlfriend Dominika Petrinova’s Revenge: Birthday Surprise Butt Waxing Prank Glues Boyfriend Erik Meldik Naked To Chair [Video]

A woman, Dominika Petrinova, 27, whose prankster boyfriend Erik Meldik, 31, caused her distress by tricking her into believing he had put her dog into the washing machine, exacted a painful revenge. She glued waxing strips to a plastic chair and made her boyfriend sit naked on it.

The hapless boyfriend got his bottom and genitals stuck on the chair after he sat on the waxing strips.

Dominika, from Czech Republic, burst into tears out of shock and distress when her boyfriend, Erik, made her believe that her pet dog Sam had accidentally been put inside the washing machine with the laundry (see video below).

Dominika exacted a painful revenge on her boyfriend after he posted online the video showing her crying in distress because she thought her dog was trapped inside the washing machine. Erik said he was sorry and that he meant it only as a joke, but Dominika felt humiliated after the video went viral online and decided she was going to teach her prankster boyfriend a lesson.

She exacted a painful revenge a few days later.

The video shows Dominika booby-trapping a plastic chair by gluing waxing strips to it. She then approached her boyfriend, a day after his birthday, and told him that she had a surprise for him in the bedroom. As Erik came out of the bathroom naked, she blindfolded him and led him to a plastic chair on which she had placed two waxing strips. She then got him to sit on the chair.

It was only after he had sat on the chair and removed the blindfold that Erik realized he had been tricked and that his bottom and genitals were stuck to the chair.

It took several seconds for the reality to sink in that he had fallen victim of an extreme prank. He asked his girlfriend in disbelief “Are you kidding me? You are pranking me now?”

His girlfriend then shot a video of him trying to extricate himself from the sticky situation. When all gentler efforts to free himself from the chair failed, he was forced to rip himself off the chair, leaving hair and skin on it.

Poor Erik cried out in pain as he struggled to free himself from the chair. When he finally ripped himself off the chair he ran to his bedroom screaming in pain while his girlfriend filmed, laughing cruelly.

Justifying her action at the moment of sweet revenge, Dominika said, “I was really upset when I thought Sam was in the washing machine, and he was running after me saying he was sorry but he clearly wasn’t because he was filming it and put it all online. Well, now I am pretty sure he is genuinely sorry.”

Dominika’s boyfriend, Erik Meldik, is a colleague and friend of the notorious Czech prankster Cenek Styblo, 29. The famous pair are known as the “Viral Brothers” because of several viral YouTube pranks to their credit.

Although many viewers expressed disapproval, saying that the Dominika’s prank was needlessly cruel, many argued that the prank was not real and that the pranksters were only acting.