Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper In Butt Prank Hits Prankster Boyfriend [Vid]

JohnThomas Didymus - Author

Dec. 11 2014, Updated 1:20 p.m. ET

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Watch a girlfriend’s “pepper sprayed toilet paper on butt prank,” a hilarious video showing the painful revenge of a woman determined to win an ongoing prank war with her prankster boyfriend.

But after watching the reaction of the boyfriend to his girlfriend’s pepper sprayed toilet paper prank, many viewers feel she might have taken the prank war with her boyfriend too far.

The video begins with the girl talking to the camera, giggling mischievously, as she explains that she was sick of her boyfriend’s ceaseless pranks and that “today it will be my revenge.”

The video shows her pepper spraying her boyfriend’s toilet paper with the strongest spray she could get, smiling devilishly in anticipation of the sweet moment of revenge. She then proceeds to set up cameras, one in the lounge and another by the toilet door, to catch his reaction when he finally visits the toilet.

And she did not have to wait too long. The boyfriend returns home and soon must heed the call of nature.

The boyfriend, whose name is Cenek, soon emerges from the toilet, moaning, hobbling in pain and clutching at his bum cheeks as he agonizes over the pain from within the folds of the embonpoints of his behind. He finally collapses in pain on the floor, inquiring repeatedly as his girlfriend shrieks with laughter like a fiend, “What is it? What did you put in there? It burns.”


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