Thief Caught With Swag ‘Dollar Sign’ Bag Full Of Stolen Cash

A foolish thief from Olympia, Washington DC, found himself in hot water last week when he successfully robbed a Subway branch, but kept the loot in a swag “dollar sign” bag, only to be caught by cops soon after the robbery.

David Lingafelter, 22, was found by cops crouching behind a dumpster near to the Subway which he allegedly robbed, and the swag bag was a complete giveaway, leaving the suspect with little defense against the arresting officers.

The police told reporters that last Wednesday a Subway employee was in the back office of the branch when she heard the front door ring, meaning a customer had entered the store.

As a police spokesperson said.

“As she came toward the front of the store, she saw a man wearing a bandana concealing his face standing behind the sandwich counter. He told her not to ‘do anything funny’ then reached into his pocket, implying he was armed. The suspect then forced to the employee to open the cash register. He ordered the employee to put her hands on her head as took the cash. The suspect then stole the employee’s cell phone and a blue shopping cart before he fled the store.”

She immediately called the police, and they arrived quickly. They then gave chase on foot in an attempt to arrest the suspect.

The police spokesman added,

“Officers found the suspect at a nearby a grocery store, and when they commanded him to surrender, he ran behind the shopping complex. Officers eventually found him hiding behind a dumpster. During a search of the suspect, they found a knife in his pocket, $100 cash and a smartphone that matched the description of the employee’s missing phone. He also had a white canvas bag tied to the front of his pants that had a dollar sign printed on it.”

The man was found with a number of other goods on his person, which were taken as evidence by the police for their ongoing investigation.

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